I have always argued personally that “it’s all in the price” and if I can prove that, then I can dismiss form, jockey/trainer combo, number of ticks in postdata and all that!

For those with the ability to follow the live betting market, I would recommend that you download this free ebook at www.livehorsestrateegy.co.uk

It will give you a welcome AND FREE introduction to how to interpret he betting signals in the live market at www.sportinglife.com/liveshows

This system, on its won, brings up a large number of winners with a big turnover of selections but is a worthy introduction. No sooner had I found this out, than I was sent Smoke and Mirrors to read. By pure coincidence, it would seem, this ebook took the introductory strategy of the livehorsestrategy and expanded upon how to read the bookmaker’s markets.

Previously, whenever I looked at the live market , I tended to use a comparitor in the Racing Post betting forecast. This comparitor seeked to look for those horses the bookies fancy but keep hidden. The Smoke and Mirrors methodology looks to JUST use the bookmaker shows to uncover the horses THEY fancy, and like FOREX or financial market interpretation, reading the bookmakers market is a language you have to learn and practice with BUT IT CAN BE EXREMELY ACCURATE and highlight those horses with rubbish form who would noramlly be dismissed.

So we return to the “it’s all in the price” argument

I am on day 5 of this system now having put in many hours ( as we follow the live amrket) but I am taking screenshots of all qualifying races so watch out for an update in that regard soon. I have had to put the betting blueprint on hold as this is exciting and is NOT from Mr Babbling Brookes
Results have exceeded expectations but I must say that you really need to be organised to use this as we are under the pressure of time to read the markets as near to the off as possible and still get our each way bets on which means using the place and win markets on betfair.

I open 2 fairbots – one for the place market and one for the win market and set my stake. Fairbot allows these stakes to enter the market without confirmation, thus saving precious time greatly. I also bring up the greenwichmeantime website so I can have the exact time I need to enable me to determine as near to race time it is. This is an exciting system, and once learned, can help you read into the bookmakers’ markets and effectively read their minds, whether you are at the bookies or using sportinglife’s live shows.