£37 worth of colour photocopies of my signed Kelly Brook photo (did I tell you I had a signed Kelly Brook photo?)

One pint of lager in London

One litre of petrol


Easy Trader Pro 2

Yes, guess what – another £37 eBook which promises to catapult us into the
Sunday Times Rich List sold by all of the affiliates in the world.

But The Problem With Trading Is…

So this is the panacea?

This is the cure to all your financial woes is it?

£450 guaranteed profit on every outcome in a particular event enticing isn’t

Another £380 profit with another greenscreen.

£2,551 in 4 days – I could do with a bit of that.

YEH, but here’s what they don’t tell you in all those affiliate emails.

You’ll need to be putting hundreds, and in this case probably a grand or more, at risk in order to realise a green screen of £450 or more, and taking quite a risk. The outcome you want may not be realised in the time frame you had hoped (e.g. you have backed a football team at 1.35 in the hope that they will score first and you can trade out, but it’s 0-0 after 70 minutes – what do you do? Get
out with a certain loss or hold on “in the hope that…”

Yes green screens abound at the website http://www.easytraderpro2.com and they are all very impressive indeed, but my own personal experience tells me this guy is probably suffering from selective memory loss, because BELIEVE ME, you will make losing trades, you WILL make red screens , you will make losses – that’s for definite.

You see, what they don’t tell you is that, apart from horse racing, sports trading is effectively gambling. Why? Because it is OPINION based. (Horse racing  is different – you can trade price movements pre race and thus not, effectively, take an opinion on whether a horse will win or lose)

You have to take an opinion about a likely outcome with sports betting (be it tennis, cricket, football, rugby, snooker etc etc, back that opinion and then trade if the eventuality you had hoped comes to pass, or even a hint of the eventuality you had hoped coming to pass.

There is no secret trading formula – there just isn’t – when it comes to sports trading, because it all comes back to this formulation of an opinion.

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The affiliates won’t tell you this of course – and guess who’s marketing this amongst others – old Mr Betting Miracle! I told you last week that they sell a product, which requires at some stage that you provide a name and email address, and HEY PRESTO, they follow up with a new affiliate release and will continue to flog you any future release ad infinitum, probably for that miraculous £37 price tag.

I can’t for the life of me understand how any new eBook on trading can reveal anything new that has not already been released.

Trading really is very straightforward, back high and lay low or lay and back at a lower price than you laid.

Job done really.

And your real advantage here will be in the use of specialised software, the best of which is Fairbot for Betfair and Daqbot for Betdaq.

These are specialist trading software applications. Fairbot, for instance, has a stop loss facility for its trading.  So marry these with your opinion (and make use of the stop loss functions) and you will be better able to manage your trades. And I would recommend $99 a year on Fairbot rather than £37 on Easy Trader Pro.

And remember if you want to make £450 guaranteed profit, you will be putting a £1,000+ at risk, OR if you are clever enough, going into a trade, then back out, then back in again ad infinitim.

Trading by its very nature is NOT for 9 to 5’ers so it is interesting to read.

“The Only Betfair System Designed For 9 to 5’ers – 6 systems, over a dozen markets… choose when and how you profit”.

Well, you can commit to long-term trades. One example with this football season winding up is to back, say, Manchester United to win the Premiership, and trade this I, as you hope, Man Utd remain at the head of the League. If they remain competitive or even take a lead in the League, their price to win the league outright will eventually shorten, allowing for a tradable opportunity.

You can, of course, do the same with any prospective relegation candidates. Back your fancy to be relegated, and if they are finding life difficult, like WBA last season, then you will see their prices to be relegated shorten throughout the season allowing you to lock in profit.

You know the drill now don’t you? Don’t fall for the time pressure tactics (I wonder if this eBook will go up to £497 (recurring each year -LOL!) like the Betting Miracle) – wait a week or 2 and check out the feedback garnered online.

The saving grace with this eBook is that it is ClickBanked, meaning any guarantee provided has to be honoured. Good news indeed.

Hooray For Football!

Yes the footy season in England kicks off tomorrow with the Championship and other leagues beginning in earnest and the Community Shield this weekend too.

Time for you to make some decisions how you’re going to assault this new footy season.

Me? Enhanced bets for me. Yesterday, for example, 1/10 shots Fulham were available in running at 1.57 to back -that’s a 1/10 shot (you stake a tenner to win £1) available to back at 1/ 2 !  Why? Well, it was 0-0 at half time and 0-0 still into the 2nd half.

They won 3-0 of course as you would expect a 1 /10 shot to.

Hamburg were another 1/8 shot who went a goal down. However they did not get that equalizer ( and if you had done your research in this regard you will have realized that, while Fulham were playing their strongest side, Hamburg were playing a reserve side having a 4-0 away goals 1st leg advantage on their side).

There’s plenty of other ways to make money with this football season, and I will be resurrecting my footy blog next weekend in time for the Premiership, so will certainly let you know about that. Yes, you can trade the football, but I doubt you’ll need a hugely hyped £37 trading ebook , just an opinion, and preferably some bespoke software to help you trade.


Yes, speaking about blogs, the one a day winning run continues with another week done. To prove this is a good way to make money, my friend Tefal Head, from Guernsey, (lovechild of Carol Vorderman and Albert Einstein – yes he’s quite clever) has committed £500 to my one a day betting philosophy. His idea? He will commit 15% of this betting bank to one bet a day, and as the betting bank increases, so too will the stakes, and so too will prospective returns.

The bank, after 12 days, is standing at £649 – a £149 clear profit from one bet a day. This works! It’s not very exciting, but this is real cash – imagine how many £37 eBooks you could buy with the profit from this one a day betting! You could get loads of copies of the Betting Miracle and give copies to family and friends.

I am trying to get the live chat aspect of this blog up and running but my return to Ireland has coincided with Irish Broadband going pear shaped and running as slow as Berbatov over 100 metres. Live chatters know that I need up to the minute information in the price market, and this slow broadband is just not good enough at present. I hope that the broadband providers ( rhymes with Oh Poo!) get their act together sharpish, as I enjoyed Live Chat. So fingers crossed next week will see a breakthrough.

Blogtastic Part 2

Take a look at this website: http://talkingracehorses.wordpress.com/2009/07/21/can%E2%80%99t-win-%E2%80%93-won%E2%80%99t-win-form-analysis-part-1/ – a good read from WRWM reader Chris James. He comes up with some very interesting points and stats, so it’s well worth a look and won’t cost you £37 (hooray!)

Roll Up Roll Up For Roulette

Testers required, if you please, for a new Online roulette package put together by one Clive Davenport (he must be very clever with a first name like that!)

We are only looking for 10 testers to take a look at this package which will be sent for free in exchange for feedback on the strategies. I must say I enjoyed trying them out and found one or 2 of these strategies to be very useful. I do, however, suffer from a phobia regarding betting against software! It’s not really a casino is it?

Please send your email with ROULETTE TESTER in the subject box to this email address haveyoursay@aol.com and Clive Davenport (damn fine first name!) will be in contact with the first 10 testers to reply.

I’m off now to get £37 worth of colour copies of my signed Kelly Brook photo.
Have a great weekend!

Clive Keeling