You know how it goes . . .

You think you’ve nailed a great backing system – go public and it turns into the world’s best laying system! Yes, 60% gains in January to February for my new 3 into 1 System came to a juddering halt, helped in no small measure by a faller, pulled up (x3), broken blood vessel – you know the rest!.

Highly disappointing but I still can’t ditch this system given the superb performances since November 2007. Despite recent frailties, the strike rate since January still stands at 50%. Using the Fasttrackplans staking spreadsheet, I have been able to make certain distinctions such as profits seem to come mostly from horses priced between evens and 3/1. With that in mind I am keeping a separate spreadsheet with evens to 3/1 selections alongside my other spreadsheet with all selections.

Staking is proving interesting too. More selections are required but there are certain staking plans with superb gains whilst still keeping stakes to a manageable proportion of the betting bank.

Race types could also be key – being a mechanical system, there are no rules concerning race types – e.g. would you want to get involved in an apprentice handicap when you haven’t got a clue who the jockey is, or handicap chases over 2 miles 7 furlongs when your selection is carrying a penalty – no? Neither would I!

I will keep faith in the system because the last poor run suddenly flourished into an avalanche of winners and small losing runs – at one time 17 out of 22 won!


Last week I wrote you about the exciting new system from Louise Woof. Here’s a great email I received from WRWM reader Lawrence:

“You are right it is a fabulous system. Very easy to operate and very profitable . . . I am already seeing a profit of £800 . . . and this only takes about 15/20 mins each I time trade – I think I love her [Louise] as much as YOU love Kelly Brook!

Want to find out what’s got Lawrence so excited?

Click here: http://www.canonburypublishing.com/foolproofearlybirdtrading


I may have stumbled across another way to exploit short priced favourites in soccer – perhaps a foray into the FIRST GOAL ODDS markets on Betfair? Generally the shortest priced first goal odds are around 4.5, and the odds increase with time – e.g. 1- 10 minutes, 11-20 minutes and so on.

This was used to good effect in the Rangers v Hearts game mid week when the first goal was scored in the 25th minute which ensured a nice return, even though I backed 4 score times – 1-10 minutes, 11-20 minutes, 21-30 minutes and 31-40 minutes.

As long as a goal is scored in the first half then we profit! Of course a bit of research will help regarding teams’ scoring times – easy enough with websites such as www.soccerstats.com – another neutral bet with both teams working FOR YOU!

With the pre Cheltenham racing not of a high standard, footy can definitely keep the betting bank ticking over, AS LONG AS YOU SPECIALISE.

Yes, I was undone by a venture into ladies football yesterday. Arsenal Ladies (a Robin Van Persie free zone) have won all before them this season and were expected to spank (in footballing terms you understand although I suspect if it was the other sort they’d fill Wembley!) Everton ladies but lost 1-0. There was old muggins here expecting goals! Lesson learned – Top league football for me I think!

One thing to note for the future – European Cup football is an ideal medium to lay low priced teams – there are a number of shock results and layers of teams priced 1.4 and below won’t incur much liability and can trade any shocks if games are in running


I’m sorry I haven’t put something together as yet regarding greening up – the phenomenon of creating a profit regardless of the result, but here’s some links that I think may help you gain an exposure to this useful tool while I try to figure out how to transfer my video screen captured examples into an format you can view yourself.



These will give you a good explanation of greening up. Beware vendors showing impressive green screens trying to get you to buy their manuals – the information is freely available and you should not be buying it

TIP – you may also get some more information by googling “hedging Betfair” – hopefully you won’t get a website with Alan “Tit”chmarsh’s top Betfair and shrubbery tips.


Two systems from MD have arrived – the first is their Winning Formula which one reader kindly forwarded. He got excited on his first day by winners at 6/1 and 8/1 out of 3 bets – if this continues well you’ll be the first to know.

Awesome Price Finder has also been heavily marketed – and comes under another name -“Riders to Riches” – now I got a free copy by registering for free at www.tipsfest.com, purely to gain access to their free systems

Although TIPSFEST says it is corrupted, I still managed to gain access to the free systems so give it a go – the price is right!

There are a couple of bots on the go – one reader has the laybot and I have purchased the betting bot from lay2lose which I will begin monitoring tomorrow after I’ve sussed it out. At £40 I personally am not too worried about the free tips given, I want to see its functionality to enable those with their own strategies to input them, leave the bot to work and GO do something else!


Chris Beek has updated his website at www.kachinaracing.co.uk and I feel there are a couple of services there that represent extremely good value for money. The text service stands out at present. Chris gave me a glimpse into his selection methods which are very unique and effective. The newly started dutching service is also proving profitable and is a less straightforward method of betting, but well worth checking out if recent results are anything to go by.

At last I have got permission now to reproduce mathematician betting’s advices onto my website at www.whatreallywinsmoney.com (UPDATES section) after the day’s racing so you can look in retrospect. Similar with betplanner and Kachina Racing – you than then instantly see how their advices have performed that day –  this will begin tomorrow and I hope will be of some use

I also have some interesting articles and strategies from readers which may add benefit to you – Roy Wharton, the man behind Melchior has written an article on how he tackles selecting 2nd favourites who produce a 33% strike rate, using stop at a winner staking. Very interesting it is too.

Nigel Hallam has allowed me to reproduce his excel spreadsheets which uniquely rate the football and have proved very accurate of late. I just need to suss out how to download the spreadsheet to the website!

Another reader takes an interesting look at his staking methodology for a week’s betting – again it’s UNIQUE and FREE at the website and may inspire you.

Of the readers who have supplied their systems for inspection Brian CC’s lay system has proved the most profitable. Today is the last day he is going to proof via the website so I will update you as to his plans as this system, pre Christmas and post Christmas really did produce the goods.

Jays Lays, after a torrid start, has begun to impress with a series of good lays and is worth following.

I want some more reader systems -so if you see yourself as a budding tipster, back/lay/ football/ greyhounds / ladies football – anything! – PLEASE do get in touch.

The reader testing Laying Impact still relates positive results this month, although not in keeping with the 30+ points profits of earlier months – if only I could transfer the criteria to the betting bot, we’d be laughing!


I had a thought when reading gofibonnaci’s ebook whether Fibonacci staking eg 1-2-3-5-8-13 (add up to 2 preceding numbers to get the next) could be transferred to Baccarat as long as either the player or banker is odds on -i.e. below 2.00 in decimal odds. Using Fibonacci staking, perhaps doubling, e.g. 2-4-6-10-16-26 and laying the first odds on selection might be profitable.

This’ll certainly keep me out the pub this weekend trialling it!

I also had another idea as to how to exploit perceived 2 horse races – e.g. yesterday at Nad Al Sheeba we had one horse at 10/11, the other at 11/10. Could we not back one and lay the other in a laddered kind of staking? I am thinking aloud here but will look into these and see if there’s any way forward. Races with 2 prominent horses have been rife this week and backing both does not prove economical so perhaps this other method might? More to follow ……

Well I’ve already baggsied the TV for Cheltenham week (I’m playing the “it’s my birthday” card) and look forward in anticipation to it. Guy at mathematician betting has promised me a free trial for readers over the Cheltenham period – I’d better get back to him and get this set up – more news on the website!

Have a great weekend – I’ll be looking to avoid Ladies Football this weekend I think – there’s plenty of opportunity to profit, so do read the blog at www.whatreallywinsmoney.com