This product is simply a set of spreadsheets with accompanying guides and does offer extremely good value for money. This is a tool rather than offering any practical advice regarding the selection of teams to back or oppose. It follows therefore that the performance of these spreadsheets are only as good as the selections input into them.

These spreadsheet calculators focus on backing 2,3 or 4 teams and calculates permutations for you, as well as working with profit targets OR a specific target amount. Spreadsheets include “Fixed Budget with 2,3 4 outcomes”, “Profit target formula with 2,3,4 outcomes”, “Fixed Return Formula with 2, 3, or 4 outcomes”.

Bottom line: I like this package. It will be of use to those looking to back 2,3 or 4 teams in permutation type bets on the fixed odds coupon.



The Merlin Results Radar system is another spreadsheet which looks to make us punters’ lives easier whilst maximising profits.

Merlin contends that if you can select just one result from 3, the spreadsheet will “produce the correct results for all 3 games in the Play worksheet WITHOUT FAIL – every time!

A treble betting system will look to give us the best permutations, one of which is guaranteed to be the winning treble permutation IF we have correctly predicted just one result from the 3 games we have shortlisted.

My first try with Merlin came on Week 1 of the Premiership, where my banker bet was Bolton to beat newcomers Stoke, followed by Fulham to beat newcomers Hull and Reading at home to make their Premiership experiences count against Plymouth. I input the odds with the bet I expected to oblige (Bolton) first.

Merlin then showed me the treble bets I should focus on (by indicating with an arrow). The result? Bolton won, Fulham lost, and Reading won. If we translate this to fixed odds coupon parlance, Bolton at home winning is a 1,  Hull winning at home is a 1, and Reading winning at home is a 1 (where 1 = home win, x = draw, and 2 = away win). A loss on this occasion with the surprising victory by Hull. I retain confidence in this excellent spreadsheet, and reiterate that performance is only as good as the selections made.

Bottom line: I will continue with this spreadsheet, which is again focussed on the Fixed odds coupon. A very impressive bit of kit BUT reliant on personal ability regarding selections.

The Soccer Magic Matrix


The Soccer Magic Matrix is available from the website above. Again it is another sophisticated calculator, which will help you calculate permutations for up to 6 different outcomes.

So what’s involved?

Soccer Magic Matrix is a powerful bet structuring program. It will allow you to structure single match bets and combination match bets with the ability to set your own Total Stake level requirement or your Profit Target against each bet.

The principals used by the program are the very same principals used by professionals to hike their long-term profits. Despite the use of combinations being well know many punters, when considering soccer bets, still only place single bets, backing a match and just backing one of the possible outcomes:

– Home Win, Draw or Away Win. The astute soccer punter will capitalise by selecting more than one match and structure bets to use a permutation or combination of possible outcomes. The aim of Soccer Magic Matrix is to open-up your combination adventures by providing a calculator which will give you the flexibility and power to try-out various scenarios very quickly and to determine if your particular scenario is viable. Some scenarios may not be viable, for example, if odds are too low for your selections, but Soccer  Magic Matrix will allow you to quickly “tweak” your selections until you have a structured bet you are happy with. You may wish to produce a total structured bet where your main bet is covered by a number of smaller bets in case your main bet does not produce a winning situation. The combinations are endless and with just a few clicks you will be able to establish the stakes required and what returns/profits are achievable.

Here I have chosen 5 hypothetical matches with hypothetical odds. In the forecast selection part of the calculator I have selected 6 bets involving all 5 teams. Bet 1, you can see, I have chosen Home win for Arsenal (HW), Draw for Derby (X), Draw for Fulham (X), home win for Leeds (HW) and away win for Dundee (AW).

I have chosen a different combination of bets for Bet 2, 3,4,5,and 6 in the hope that at least one of these lines will prove profitable.

The big benefit of this calculator is the ability to stake using a predetermined amount of money (£100 in this example) OR I can specify a profit target (and reduce stakes by, perhaps, breaking even on a couple of the mines).

Bottom line: This calculator is another variation of the above 2 spreadsheets/calculators and does all of the calculations for those who want to place combination bets on a number of different matches. It offers, I suppose, a more professional approach to permutation betting and, at £57, is a worthy investment for the serious football fixed odds bettor (although a more basic version can be found, for half the price, at www.footballsystem.co.uk).

Success is down to your ability to select the correct betting opportunities. Software such as this can offer alternative combinations of bets in the hope that a winning line is selected.

If you want view all the diagrams in this article you can download the August 2008 edition of the WRWM newsletter by going to the back issue archive page.