Why Spend Your Cash on This Dutching Calculator When You Can Get One For Free?

I‘ve received a lot of emails from readers regarding the services offered by John Anthony’s sure2profit company. And for good reason. He continues to undertake a concerted email marketing campaign to keep his system at the forefront of people’s minds and inboxes. So what is actually sold behind all this marketing and hype?

A dutching calculator!

Yes folks, I’m afraid that’s it. If you were to believe the hype you’d have thought it was a money-making machine of extraordinary power. I must add here that I purchased the above from sure2profit when it was run by Roy Cuhhidy and not John Anthony, so I am assuming that they are selling the same – I am not going to duplicate purchase but from the testimonials it is clear the people refer to backing more than one horse in a race.

Dutching – what’s that?

Dutching is the art of backing one or more horse in a race and profiting if one of your chosen selections wins. I have covered dutching in detail in previous issues of WRWM.

For £77 is it value for money? Well, when compared to other dutching calculators on the market I must say, categorically, NO!

John Anthony offers a tipping service as a back end product along with the dutching calculator although dutching tipping is really not that difficult. Let’s face it, selecting 5-6 horses in one race to win is not too difficult. When I joined Sure2profit, they advocated progressive staking/loss retrieval dutching. Here choice of race must come above anything else. It is a novel approach to dutching but if you are faced with a long losing run (and you’ll really have to be unlucky!) then stakes will spiral out of control.

There are some safety aspects to this, and they include not betting over 70% of the market and only betting in races where the market leader is 3/1 or over.

What is 70% of the market then?

Bookmakers operate what’s called an overround – a built in profit if you like. Convert the odds of all horses in a particular race into their percentage equivalent and it will always be over 100%. The % amount above 100% is the in-built profit.

So it follows that if we can, as punters, engineer a race where the % is under 100%, if one of our horses wins, then we will win the difference between 100% and our %

An example, I think, is called for: let’s say we have an 8-runner race. We think that this race will involve 2 horses only, with the 6 others looking unlikely to figure.

Prices for the 2 horses are 6/4 and 5/2. We need to convert these into their percentage equivalents: 6/4 = 6 divided by 4 = 1.5. Now we add 1 = 2.5 Divide 100 by

the 2.5 = 40%

Now can you do this with the other odds? 5/2 = 28.57%. Add up these percentages 40+28.57= 68.57%

Backing these 2 horses with £1 = 1% total stakes will be £68.57. If one of these horses win we win the difference between 100 and 68.57 = £31.43

Fear not – calculators will do the work for you

Now you could fork out £77 for John Anthony’s calculator, and if it mirrors the dutching calculator that I bought from sure2profit under previous management, then I would advise using a free version of the software which is available on the internet

The following links will serve your purpose AND THEY ARE FREE!

http://www.ukhorseracing.co.uk/tools/DutchingCalculator.asp – using this calculator you can dutch up to 6 horses

http://www.betcalc.com/eqprofitcalc.php – using this calculator you can dutch using a prearranged stake

http://www.bettingmad.com/downloads/downloads.asp – another alternative

These are free but there are 2 standout products, which can really help dutching, though they do come at a price.


Perhaps THE piece of software with a main focus on dutching, when compared in price to Sure2profits dutching calculator, Bet-ie really is value for money, offering a huge variety of different features. For the slight additional price (I think £20 more) you get much more than sure2profit’s very basic dutching calculator. Bet-ie has the ability for you to dutch a number of horses and leave a break even on certain horses (thus increasing winnings on the other selected horses) and lay dutch.

If you read the in-running article, Bet-ie has the facility to calculate hedge bets for you, and uses unique stop loss facilities to help you control your losses. Bet-ie also allows you to place individual trigger bets. If you were considering software specifically for Betfair only with a strong bent on dutching – this software will serve you very well. Available from bettingprofitsoftware.com for £97, this blows John Anthony’s software out of the water!


This is my dutching tool of choice and really is first class. Both Bet-ie and Fairbot can only be used on the betting exchanges. I use this software to dutch to win a specific amount, or dutch using a specific stake. Fairbot also has the facility for you to dutch in-running (very dangerous but can be rewarding – some bets may not get matched because of the quickness and volatility of the in-running market) Another form of dutching on Fairbot is the “back all “ facility. If you have a number of horses you fancy and others you think may pose a threat, this software has the facility to enable you to place stakes on certain horses so you win should those chosen horses win. You can also minimise losses on near rivals and leave bigger losses on perceived outsiders. This is by the by but is another form of dutching. Available for $99 for a year at www.binteko.com, this software’s value is far greater than John Anthony’s

Bottom line

I cannot really believe Anthony’s claims of £220 per day or £80,000 per year earnings from a simple dutching calculator. You are not told that you will need to follow the live markets in order to dutch successfully. Following some of the rules which Roy Cuhhidy wrote about in his Sure2profit manual can help you to profit from dutching. He provides a methodology for selection of the most ideal races to use and, importantly, money management and the good news is that Roy Cuhhidy encourages his e-book readers to share the information So, I can offer this book free to you – please email me at whatreallywins@yahoo.co.uk

So, please do take advantage of the free software and do not buy John Anthony’s software. Next, read Roy Cuhhidy’s manual, and practice practice practice. Progressive staking with dutching is an interesting method of using dutching. Race choice is key (Roy Cuhhidy’s free e-book may help you) as is keeping the percentage of bets at 70% or lower.

Dutching is nothing new at all, but has potential to secure regular profits. That said, it must be pointed out that this form of betting revolves around big stakes for relatively low rewards. It has its place, that’s for sure, and a regular profit is possible with this progressive element if care is taken with race selections and money management. So email me – I’ll send you the e-book and try it out for yourself. Oh, and save yourself £77 by using the free dutching calculators – they may be free but are equally as effective as John Anthony’s calculator. For a more professional approach, Bet-ie and Fairbot are superb value for money bits of kit. Their usefulness is best suited to live market betting.