Thanks must go to those readers who responded to my call for updates on the ebook writer of 2007 . . . Steven, – aka Stephen – Brookes. I felt it necessary to keep an eye on the myriad ebooks he releases JUST IN CASE there was the spark of something that I could share with you to profit from – despite finding, through past experience, Mr Brookess’ ebooks short on originality and quality!

Yes, Mr Brookes has been busy already this year, and I’ve got my hands on Project Beta X (written with the help of aliens at Area 51 no doubt), and System Ultra

So let’s take a look at each system in turn:.

Project Beta X

Yes, busy with the thesaurus in a vain attempt to come up with another ebook title, Mr Brookes has resorted to the “X” of previous efforts System X trader et al. This system is yet another take on trading, something Mr Brookes tends to focus on in all of his ebooks – it’s a different take on an old idea. With the majority of Stephen Brookes ebooks, you are required to follow the live betting market, so if you do get taken in by the (admittedly good) marketing, remember this point – it’ll save you money. Most of these systems will just not work if you cannot follow the live betting.

Project Beta X, along with Operation X (but of course!) claims to be able to make you £50 per day which is its great appeal and selling point.

This £50 a day it must be said is proportionate to the betting bank and, more importantly, money you will be using as leverage to trade with. Because this system looks to create green screens and make up to 4 points trading profit (i.e. very small) I remain unconvinced that £50 is possible within 3 races unless you are using a large stake to trade with. Project Beta X is a rather contrarian trading system which focuses on one of Mr Brookes’ favourite things “the steamer” but looks to actually lay rather than back!

With the focus on jumps races only, we are at least using races where accidents can and do occu to market leaders – which is a positive.

The system is very simple to follow, but I am unconvinced by the profit advertised on the website of £50 a day (for the reason given earlier – trading by its very nature is an attempt at low risk market involvement and with low risks comes low returns). If you are a seasoned trader, get in touch – you can trial for me. Users of Fairbot will find the system easy to use thanks to the individual price graphs.

Yet another in-running trading system from Mr Brookes which will serve no real use for those unable to follow the live markets.

System Ultra

System Ultra is exclusively a backing system which actually focuses on those races which I, personally, would avoid for backing purposes (but could this be the key to its purported success?). Mr Brookes has claimed a £45K profit in just over a year which of course is highly impressive. I guess this is determinant on £100 stakes, but the manual does mention to back using 1% of the betting bank as stake – so a betting bank of £10,000 would be required if being stringent with the rules. Anothe case of creative staking for marketing purposes?

The selection strategy is very easy and is favourite-based – you are left in no doubt as to when you have a selection. Because the system is reliant on favourites (bookmaker favourites) and requires you to check that the price at the off falls within a predetermined (albeit wide) price band, there is a hint that this system may need you to follow the live betting market in order to fully benefit and ensure selections are correct.

Personally I think you may just get away with it because the price band is so big, BUT you will need to be backing the standalone favourite. This can be achieved I suppose by writing on your betting slip “unnamed favourite”.

So will this system actually replicate the claimed £45K yearly profits (based on the assumption that you can afford £100 level stakes)?

What is immediately noticeable with this backing system is the relatively impressive prices of the winners, all pretty much above evens and large enough to compensate for the losers.

I need to back test the system as far back as I can go (time permitting) so cannot give a definitive thumbs up or down as I have only had the system 3 days (at time of writing) I try to post results daily in the Systems Blueprint and Articles section of and will recount the results since I began testing.


100 Sthl High reach 1st 5/6

130 sthl Silver Hotspur 1st 15/8

230 sthl Yankee storm 5th 11/8

300sthl zaffeu lost 11/4

400 sthl Sweet pickle 2nd 15/8

16-Jan 1240 ling Follow the flag 1st 3/1

220 lingfield Boomtown 2nd 6/4

250 lingfield baylini u/p 10/11

325 ling Longoria 1st 8/11

355 ling Sands crooner 1st 5/2


230 Sthl Realt Na Mara 2nd 7/4

300 Sthl Diriculous lost 6/4

400 Sthl Wodhill schapps 2nd 11/4

Abbey gate 3rd 11/4

650 Wolves Coleorton dancer lost 85/40

720 Wolves Hawa Khana 2nd 13/8

750 Wolves Alonzo de Guzman 1st 2/1

850 Wolves Blue Hills 2nd 11/4

920 Wolves Valhillen – co fav of 3 1st 3/1


320 catterick Media Man 2nd 7/4

120 Wolves Mafaheem 1st 11/8

220 Wolves Carlton scropp lost 13/8

405 Wolves Curzon prince lost 5/2J

Alfresco lost 5/2J

435 Wolves Buscador 2nd 10/11

505 Wolves Morbick 1st 5/4


1245 Lingfield Atephobia 1st 11/8

155 Ling High esteem lost 2/1

225 ling Boomtown 1st 11/10

300 ling Bonus 3rd 11/10

335 ling Fajr 1st 5/2

410 ling Caprio 2/1 ;lost

650 wolves Gifted heir 1st 3/1

720 wolves By the edge 2nd 11/4

750 wolves Buscador 1st 15/8

820 wolves Silver Hotspur 3rd 2/1

850 wolves Mr Lambros 1st 5/2

920 wolves Western roots lost 5/2

20-Jan 150 Wolves Royal embrace 9th 4/1

250 Wolves Bold Diva 2nd 9/4 J Fulfords 1st 9/4J

420 Wolves Alfie Tiupper 2nd 7/4 F

450 Wolves Methaaly 5th 9/4

The above gives you a glimpse into frequency of bets and general prices – all horses are favourites (bookmakers’ favourite). Level stakes profit of 3.73 points e.g. £1,000 betting bank, betting a straight £50 on each bet (they advise 1% of bank or £10 to £1,000.

It would seem, during this season, that the all weather will provide the majority of bets and we will notice, I think, a fluctuation in favourites’ performance at those meetings over different days. For example the great performance of the 19th January and the relatively poor performance of 20th January with only 1 winning selection (a joint favourite) at Wolverhampton.

The sheer volume of bets and the fact that favourites are focussed on means winners are assured. Although it is early days, the system is ideal for The Safebetplan which is outperforming level stakes (albeit with a very small sample of results). Rest assured updates will appear via the eletter and website


Some potential here with the prices I have seen as my backtest begins, generally over evens. However it remains to be seen whether there will be sufficient winners to compensate for the losers which are inevitable with a backing favourites system. Once I have worked through November and December 2007, I will post results on the website and update via the eletter. This is a laborious process so pleas bear with me.

NOTE – any more releases by the Mighty Brookes, I am willing to share cost with readers in order to stay abreast of his ebooks so please bear that in mind.

You can download the Januray 2008 edition of the WRWM newsletter by going to the back issue archive page.