I am still at a loss as to the exactness of The Statistical Predictor thanks to the already mentioned ambiguity in certain aspects of this system, ambiguity which hasn’t been clarified by the system vendor. It is for this reason that I can’t recommend this to you. For £97 I don’t expect any ambiguity whatsoever and want my hand held throughout each stage of the system.

I have analysed my results using this system and come to the conclusion that, based upon the previous month’s ‘selections’ (I say selections, as there may be some selections which are not selections (!) because the system does not make it clear). Ignoring all selections over 2/1, if we backed all selections between evens and 2/1 using progressive staking, our longest losing run would be 4. This makes the system ideal for progressive staking, based solely on 1 month’s results (which is by no means conclusive).

If this continues throughout August then we ‘could’ be onto a winner here. Yes, I have missed the odd 3/1 winner here and there, but this offers hope for consistent profits. There aren’t selections every day, if we concentrate on selections whose starting prices are between evens and 2/1, but the losing runs which are so threatening to progressive staking plans seems to have been negated. Couple this with the fact that the system looks only at races of 10 or less runners, and only the first and 2nd mentioned in the betting forecast, things could look interesting for long term profits using progressive staking. Watch this space…

Results to Dream Of: With a recent losing run of 11 on selections priced over evens, it was a bad month for the system as it relates to progressive staking and to level stakes. We would have doubled our betting bank in the first few days only to see it squandered by small-priced winners and the long losing run.

Again if we streamline selections to those between evens and 2/1 only, we would have experienced a losing run of 5, very manageable for progressive staking. As with the Statistical Predictor, this means that there will be a lot of dismissed selections as we focus solely on evens – 2/1 selections, and there will not be selections daily. If we concentrate on this price band, we find that there is usually, on a qualifying day, only the one selection between evens and 2/1, which again ideally suits progressive staking, and suits those who are unable to follow the live racing during the day.

Racing Information Database Update

“It’s a real pity that Streaks Ahead lays have had to suspend their services due to health problems. You’ll recall their 100% strike rate last month.

Of the Premium rate services for July, Isiris Losing Line actually posted a profit – guess he’s got the winning bug which is not much help for a lay service!

Of the more established names, The Sweeney’s premium rate line posted a profit, but his private line, in stark contrast, posted losses. Alex Gorrie also posted losses for his premium service.

As far as subscription services go, July was a very good month for Phoenix Racing (again). Profits for the year to date also stand out. I am still trying to get a review subscription as their name continually appears in the top ten.

Of those services who offer ultra selective bets Betselect Gold Betting hit a 100% strike rate, albeit with 2 out of 2 selections.

On the sports betting front, familiar names such as sportsonlinegambling.com, previous consistent performers, posted losses for the month, but are still well ahead of the field for profits for the year to date.

Sport for Profit, another previous good performer, also posted losses for July. When judging long-term profits over a 2-year period, Phoenix Racing and sportonlinegambloing.com head the field convincingly. These are names that continually appear, and although past performance is no indication of future profitability, these are 2 services for me to focus on. I really want to enter the world of the customer here with these outfits to see if their customer service matches their profitability.”

I do have a list of ones to avoid, so if you have any queries regarding a service you think might suit you, AND it’s on the list, I’m more than happy to check them out for you.

And if you would like to receive RID’s full monthly printouts, which include detailed profit-and-loss figures and lots of other useful information (including longest winning and losing runs for each service), write to them at Racing Information Database, PO Box 3336, Sheffield, S14 1WY. You can also e-mail them at http://racingdatabase@hotmail.com . A subscription to RID currently costs £99 a year and a sample issue is £10.

Riders to Riches: I hinted at the fact that systems such as this one mean that we must endure the occasional long losing run because we are choosing, on average, big priced each way selections.

The results are available for inspection at http://http://www.mdprofessionalsportsbetting.co.uk/Ridersto RichesResults.asp  so you can follow them yourself, and determine if this type of betting is suited to you.

A 4% profit on the month from July 1st belies the potential of this system. There have been plenty of good priced winners, and placed horses up to 50/1 who, if you use the betting exchanges, will offer greater value than you can find with the traditional bookmakers. I suggest that the profit figure will be a lot greater using Betfair prices on big priced horses. A profit on the year to date augurs well too, the only month which showed a loss was March. I am confident that profits can continue throughout the coming months

Available from http://www.sportsworldpublishing.co.uk  at £49, I hope this system carries on its steady, but upward curve. As I mentioned in your last issue, all is on hold with The Signposts To Success System until the JUMPS season gets into full swing. Let’s hope that the system replicated the fantastic profits which were the cornerstone of the sales pitch.

This is the time of year when Richard Mark will be campaigning busily via mailshot for his myriad services. One in particular which is timely is his Select Few Winners service, which, if last season end’s results are anything to go by, really is a great lay service. Pity it’s a winner tipster service!

With the football season here to stay until May, I believe you can profit from your own efforts rather than relying on so-called self-proclaimed “experts”. Simply follow your niche – is it thePremiership, La Liga, the Conference perhaps, and get to know your teams. Look into trading matches in running, for here there is real flexibility. Consider subscribing to someone who’s done all the work for you, such as The Sports Statistician. I have mentioned it before, and mention it again because it is a quality publication. Buy specialist weeklies such as The Racing and Football Outlook and visit one of the many football stats sites such as betdevil.com. There is no substitution for research, and I’m sure, over a season, with correct money management, you can profit well from the feast of football about to hit the screens!

Mr X’s Bet Bank Alerts: I have just started tracking this SMS tipping service and it is far too early in my trial to comment effectively on the profit potential. With rugby league season/football season and tennis tournaments forming the cornerstone of the service, I’m hopeful of a profit.

I’ve just begun a trial with Winner After Winner (http://www.winnerafterwinner.com ), whose previous results seem most encouraging. It’s a straight backing tipster service and I will keep you updatedas to its progress in the coming weeks through our Friday e-letter. You can sign up for free by going to http://www.canonburypublishing.com/wins/

I’ve also been monitoring a number of systems this past month, but am not wholly convinced about any of them yet. There is potential to one or 2, but I need to analyse the results with various money management formats such as stop at a winner, progressive staking and so forth, as, to level stakes, these are not producing the profits. One of my Stop at a Winner selection systems is looking full of potential with 11/14 winning days. Another system has produced winners at 10/1 and 7/1 twice, including a number of shorter priced winners. The only problem with the system is the relatively large number of losing bets. The system is simplicity itself. Go through the card, and make a note of all horses who have been placed 1st and 2nd in all of their last 3 races.41 losers in the month really needs addressing, but I will continue with this system.

I have a number of systems which focus on the information provided in the Daily Mail, and this is an avenue I will follow, in the hope that just one of the systems proves easy to implement and profitable.