This stop-at-a-winner system doesn’t seem to be able to get off the ground – losses are accumulating with a £100 starting bank down 40% as I write during test period. Other testers are mirroring this. One to avoid at present.

Franky Franks’ All Weather Investments

Initially I was dismissive of this free addition to one of Steve Davidson’s packages, what with the whiff of a made up name (who next – Charles “ Charlie” Charles) – but one reader has been focussing on the systems within his ebook and come up with the following feedback:

Betting Plan

A system to back the 1st favourite of the day in non-handicap races at certain all-weather venues – 21 winners from 39 selections since 11th November £198.75 profit to £10 level stakes Overall since the tester began there have been 80 selections, 32 winners and a strike rate around 40%. To level stakes a profit of £112.50.

All weather investments

Since testing began, 75 selections, 22 winners, a strike rate of 29.3%, and a profit to £10 level stakes of a whopping £650. The tester tells me profits would be superb with Betfair prices.

Now I’m unsure how to you can get your hands on ebook. Perhaps it might form part of Steve Davidson’s 18+ Racing Systems ebook (HINT – download that for free at www.winningmore.com – you will have to put in your email address (he’ll be marketing his systems to you in the future so bear that in mind!). Look out for that pop up and within the ebook, hopefully you’ll find ALLWEATHER INVESTMENTS – if not I will contact Steve Davidson.

One to definitely follow especially in this all weather season and with 2 sets, now, of positiveresults and profit.


Results available for inspection on the website concur with advices provided to me independently by email. There are 2 results which do not appear on the site at time of writing and they are below:

11/1 – Lady Pilot 3rd 3/1

11/1 – General Hardi 3rd 9/4

With the place only market taking prominence over win only markets, a profit would certainly have accrued on Lady Pilot, I am not so sure regarding General Hardi’s 9/4

Some advices do include 2 or more qualifiers in the one race BUT these have not been accounted for in official results. Some win and some lose, and it is at the discretion of the individual as to whether or not to back these selections. It seems Martin Blakey leaves these alone.

Profits continues to accrue, slowly and steadily, which is all we can ask for. To reiterate, results on the site are verifiable for me (at least since 16th November when I began receiving the emails).


This is a unique tipping service. Why? Well the man behind withinmeans is not trying to burst your bank account like the glossy brochure boys. Instead he’s trying to compound you a small percentage increase month on month in a simple manner. Odds for the backing section are hardly overwhelming, but results stand as follows:

SEPTEMBER +2.89 points

OCTOBER +4.19 points

NOVEMBER +0.23 points

DECEMBER +3.12 points

JANUARY (to date) –2.48 points

Withinmeans have also produced a lay service whose monthly results are shown below (and are available for inspection at the website):

DECEMBER +4.45 points

JANUARY +0.60 points to date

Small yet consistent gains from one-a-day selections.  One month’s membership is £1.50 and quarterlyembership is a whopping fiver! – Good on him!


Another website where results are available for inspection and tally with those provided in email advices, although I feel a year-long perspective is needed with this service. I would advise you to look at frequency of bets here, along with lay strike rate to determine whether the service is suitable for your needs.

January has been better and level stakes profits would have accrued to date. Ken has now implemented a confidence scale for his bets – 1 * is minimum confidence and ***** is maximum confidence.


One WRWM reader has enthused about this service in numerous emails so I decided to follow up this their enthusiasm by asking for an extended trial. Results are available for inspection in full and month-by-month so take a look.

www.betplanner.co.uk is another tipster/advice sheet, and my initial thoughts are that the advices are well-researched and thorough. One of the men behind it is an occasional Betfair radio presenter so his experience cannot be questioned. I’m very early into my trial period but am impressed by the advice sheets given.

Monthly membership is £43 per month with a 7 day free trial, I am hopeful that this tipping service can produce the good over a 12 month period as has been claimed in 2007.

www.legacy4winners.co.uk – The Saver System

Here’s an update “from the horse’s mouth” – Andrew at ADK Publishing

“A slight loss shown in December of -4.33 at SP and this is reduced to -2.53 if using Betfair prices. The yearly profit shows over £4,224 at SP, but around £5,700 using Betfair to £100 level stakes. In concluding any comments made, I feel it’s important to stress why you need to obtain a price on Betfair or to take an early or second show price. Therefore, judging the Saver System at SP is not really judging the system on its true merits as you would be making judgement on something having missed out one of the main factors that we urge users to follow.

In short, judging it at SP is not really following the system rules and so in turn then that’s not The Saver you are following. For example, if following the Saver and you include sellers, then you are not following the rules, and taking the second sho price or using Betfair is an equally important rule.

As you know when we lose, we lose a fixed stake, but when backing we have the chance to obtain up to 20% better on average. The cumulative affect of this over the year is huge. Having said that, I realise many do evaluate systems at SP as a guide to the effectiveness of any system. The £5,700 profit using Betfair is not bad, but is around £2,500 short of usual years.”

For 2007 here’s a month-by-month breakdown:





MAY – PROFIT £1411

JUNE – LOSS -£1100




OCTOBER – £339




You can download the Januray 2008 edition of the WRWM newsletter by going to the back issue archive page.