A nominal betting bank reduced by 33% does not augur well for this system of backing certain favourites in certain races.

Franky Franks All Weather Investments.

My tester still remains upbeat about the betting systems which focus primarily on the all weather meetings in the Uk.

The Betting Plan

This system involves, at certain venues ,focussing on the favourite in the 1st non handicap race of the day. The overall position stands thus

Selections: 92

Winners: 38

Return to £10 level stakes £170.75 profit

Strike Rate: 41%

All Weather Investments

Selections: 97

Winners: 27

Return to £10 level stakes :-£698.33

Strike Rate: 27.83

Not a big strike rate but a profit which is key thanks largely to the prices. Again I will try to track down an exact way of getting this system as it was part of a package


Again results are available for inspection, bar 4 recent results and these were

8/2 820 Wolves – Multaheed – 1st 7/2

9/2 310 Lingfield – Speedy Sam 8th 7/2

15/2 850 Wolves – Stolt 6th 5/1

16/2 405 Lingfield – Fyodor 4th 4/1

The final 3 results are disappointing for the system which seeks to profit from places as well as wins. I must say that a large proportion of systems have been affected by the all weather racing of late, racing which can only be described from my standpoint, as imponderable!

Target 10 has established a good foundation of profit and a move forward on each occasion, albeit not so pronounced since the last newsletter. There is a feeling of long-term profitability with this backing system, and it will be interesting to see it perform during the flat season.


This site has now closed as the vendor has had some online problems. What can we get from this model though? Well there is an opportunity to seek to make marginal, unspectacular yet consistent, returns on a month by month basis by selecting those MOST obviously priced horses.

For those wishing to look into lower risk ( and lower reward of course) horse investments ,then the place only market could be a key to success. Because of the ground conditions of recent times, and before the site closed, the vendor did not put forward any selections. There were, though, in my mind, selections still available in the UK and Ireland who could be deemed “good things” – Kauto Star is the most recent example. I personally would like to explore this avenue further and this is something I think I would like to try as an exercise in the blog so look out.


A return to form in the last month for this very selective laying service with losers at 1 /4 and 6/4 ( ie they won their races!) being of no great concern from a lost liability perspective.

All results are fully transparent and available for inspection at the website and I recommend you take a look: 8 profitable lays ensured profit since the last newsletter. On the site, you will get a pop up which will give you examples of the layout of advices. I feel Ken is very thorough and a man to trust.


Difficult to quantify as a whole because some of the “Best of the Rest” bets have produced double figure winners. Now do these count as official bets? I don’t know!

I like Betplanner’s philosophy of mixing back bets with lay bets with each way bets and not operating via a mechanical betting system, rather putting forward his opinion based on the races laid out before him on a particular day.

This is the flexible attitude I look to use on my blog and I would suggest has the greater chance of a sustained profit than a straightforward mechanical selection system which takes emotion and personal opinion out of the equation. (I am well aware that there is a need for mechanical systems which is why I am still building the 3 into 1 system ) I am going to ask betplanner, as well as Mathematician Betting and Kachina Racing, if I can put up their daily advices AFTER the race has run onto the website to enable you to personally inspect daily performance. You will then begin to see how difficult it can be to quantify these services into profit and loss and you can also guage for yourself the nature of these services. Fingers crossed they will say yes.

Recent results have been excellent. For example, 12th February produced a 9/1 winner,4/1 winner, 4/1 winner, 12/1 each way place and a successful 5/4 lay. You can see the variety of strategies used. On 8th Feb, Betplanner had a successful 3rd at 20/1 each way punt – this will pay out handsomely for the place only aspect of the bet. Go to http://www.betplanner.co.uk/results.html and click on the “Full results” link to get a feel for the service. At £43 per month this represents value for money in my eyes.


Results are not received yet for January and will be posted at www.whatreallywinsmoney.com


I had high hopes for this system but have now discovered the flaw at this time of the year. The system is a favourite-based system BUT at present it is focussed predominantly on repeated all weather venues. Not only this, all bar one or 2 races at these all weather venues qualify as system bets. Of course you cannot possibly expect a blanket backing of favourites throughout the cards at places like Lingfield, Southwell, and Wolverhampton to yield a profit. They will succumb to the average winning ratio of favourites at each venue with 66% generally losing.

Consistent losing runs of 6 are regularly occurring now and there has been one losing run of 11 and one of 10 because of the focus on the all weather and prices of favourites winning are not adequate compensation. This was a niggle I had earlier while the system was producing the results. Level stakes and the betting bank has halved. Another Brookes disappointment? I don’t know. Again it requires the live betting market which is no good for those working.