Better Tipster

Since the last newsletter, the last nine weeks have seen six winning weeks, two break even weeks and a losing week. A total points profit of +68 points means better tipster continues in an upward curve with its account bets.

Remember there are account bets, and there are also “just info” bets – the latter are unofficial bets and your profit/loss may, of course, be different if following these as well as the official account bets.

This inside info service continues to impress me with Better Tipster seeming to have genuine insider information regarding stable gambles.

Available for inspection at, and at their blog at, the transparency is most welcome.

One really standout bit of tipping came on 30th July 2010 – one selection Joseph Henry 1 point each way at 33/1 won by a head at 28/1. When they get it right they get it right!!

New from

Having established themselves as legitimate tipsters, I was interested to hear about a new service that is being set up by the guys at Better Tipster. Its details can be found at

Tom Segal, a.k.a. Pricewise, is the Racing Post horse racing tipster whose selections are very popular indeed. This often results in his selections being backed and, of course, the prices shortening dramatically. looks to provide pricewise selections by 7.30am in order to try to enable people to join the Pricewise queue early and secure the best price.

Using Betfair, too, this opens up a great angle for traders who can, it is hoped, back the Pricewise selection as early as possible and then trade out throughout the day as everyone and their dog back the same horse upon receiving the Racing Post newspaper.

At £5 per month, this would look to offer extreme value for money. As it is a fledgling service, I have not checked it fully. I can, though, vouch for the guys behind the service at least.

Bet To Lose

Remember this is lay loss retrieval so approach this system with that firmly fixed in mind. I focus on the betting cycle aspect of this service which involves loss retrieval. A 100% record since June, so it is delivering, but as I keep repeating, you must have in mind a worse-case scenario when laying four horses and retrieving losses consecutively if required.

Dutching Diamond

Dutching Diamond is where you can inspect results for this dutching strategy. As I said last month, the aim is to win 10 points per race.

The author does suggest loss retrieval as part of Dutching Diamond.

As yet, he has not gone more than two losing days on the trot which is good for loss retrieval. Loss retrieval and dutching are not the best of bedfellows because invariably, dutching can be viewed as backing odds-on at times, as returns are generally lower than stakes.

Still, it is profiting but is very risky if adopting loss retrieval.

Odds On To Win

Odds On To Win is the diary for the performance of this one-man band dutching system, which is very similar to Dutching Diamond (and this is pure coincidence).

Since the 5th January this year, using the strict criteria (and admittedly the grey area of a small amount of personal opinion) there have been 117 winners and 16 losers for an 88% strike rate. Again this strike rate is required because dutching is the backing of more than one horse in a given race.

All By The Book

It would seem that All by the Book is worthy of your attention with minimum downside on any losing day. This strategy works by taking advantages of Bookmakers BOG offers – Best
Odds Guaranteed. A profit is made by backing a best odds guaranteed selection, laying it at Betfair and hoping those best odds guaranteed end up bigger than the Betfair lay price. That’s the system in a nutshell – there are other pointers that have to be used of course.

Its popularity may be a slight negative. Bookmakers may change the goalposts as regards best odds guaranteed. But while it works now, it should be exploited.

The practicalities were hinted at in June’s newsletter – 12 or so bookmakers’ accounts are required in order to take full advantage of Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers.

No 1 Lays

This is an all weather specific laying system which focuses specifically on three race courses. As you can guess, therefore, there will not be many selections for, once a qualifying course is uncovered, there is a number of criteria that potential selections need to be taken through. Since the 5th July there have been five bets and five losers. The anticipation, with lay systems such as this one, is that fewer selections should hint at a high strike rate, and high strike rates are always required with lay systems (remember we are effectively backing at odds on).

One to follow, and success or otherwise will be determined on the hope for quality above quantity.

Trend Friend

I began my trial of this particular service on 16th July, and to £10 stakes thus far, the service has made a good profit of £580.

The service certainly is unique. The advices are received by email and cover singles or two or more horses in one race to a limited points stake per race. Some days there are Win Doubles and Trebles, and perhaps the potentially most lucrative part of the service is the forecasts and tricasts.

There have been a number of successful forecast and tricast bets as follows:

14.08.10    Great St Wilfrid Stks Hcp, Ripon
64/1 forecast & 932/1 tricast

30.07.10    Bluesquare Stks (Listed), Goodwood
14/1 forecast

30.07.10    Rolf Group Stewards Sprint Hcp, Goodwood 175/1 forecast

28.07.10    Sussex Stakes (Grp 1), Goodwood
1.2/1 forecast

27.07.10    Betfair App for IPhone Stks Hcp, Goodwood
175/1 forecast

Bear in mind that these tricast and forecasts include multiple bets (so if they don’t oblige there may be a several points loss).

On 18th August, the Ebor was a successful race with the service pointing to the winner (one of 5 bets for a total of 10 points investment).

Overturn    4.5 points
Hillview Boy    1.5 points
Dirar    2 points
Demolition    1.5 points
Rosika    0.5 points

Forecasts for this particular race were as the table at the bottom of the page.

This looks to be a service to follow. The detailed results tally with my received advice via email. £19.99 introductory for one month.

The staking pdf instruction sheet should be followed to maximize profits. A betting bank of sufficient size should also be set aside in order to take advantage of all of the bets offered daily.