I began last month’s issue with a scam warning regarding The Tommo Laying Service – I hope you took this on board. I was unhappy to hear about another reader taken in by another glossy brochure by D & E Associates. He is in the unenviable position now of having invested money in losing tips, and been promised that D & E Associates are currently experiencing a blip. He has paid his £400+ upfront and advertised performance has magically disappeared to be replaced with odds on losers and short prices abounding.

Cutting losses in a position like this is a tough decision – but a wise one. Beware these glossy brochure boys promising the world. They are all, in my experience, scams – Yes I said “ALL!” Remember this is an unregulated industry. So onto our roundup . . .


A holiday from 18th-27th October meant fewer bets than usual but a profit since the last issue. Results are available for inspection and tally with those received. This is an each-way service with a twist – stakes are loaded on the place side to ensure, theoretically, that we get a return of some sort should a horse place. One possible problem with this service is a practical one. There is a rule that drifters are not to be bet. This presupposes that you have access to a live betting market to find this out. All in all an impressive set of figures.


Don’t forget the free trial here to see if this one–a-day lay service is suitable for you.


A poor October pretty much negates profits from September, but since the service launched in June 06 (and I have been there from the start), a profit has accrued. It was in November last year that the service incurred its biggest loss followed, I might add, by 5 months of profits. June 2007 onwards’ profits have not mirrored those for the same period 2006.

During this October, there have not been enough of the each-way selections placing, and if horses don’t win for each way backers, they must at least place to preserve the betting bank.


A completely different approach here. You can check the results for yourself on the site. OK, the relatively small gains for the volume of bets placed won’t appeal to everyone. Yet others will see the compounding potential and, when compared with your savings account’s 6% per year, realise that this slow service could outperform traditional saving accounts.

The service focuses on backing horses whose prices reflect their quite obvious chances. The service is reliant, by necessity, on a high strike rate which, if not maintained, we’ll find it difficult to generate profits of any kind. As I write, the high strike rate mentioned is being achieved. As the jumps season progresses, I will look on with interest to see if the strike rate with added obstacles and inclement weather and ground will continue.

Results to date for November are –0.24pts.

Profits for October +4.19 points and September +2.89 pts. These results are fully verifiable on the site. The power of compounding will ensure a nice return over the year provided the selector returns a high strike rate over time. A nice sedate system and one with potential. Even better – at a whopping £1.50 for 30 days SMS membership – this represents unbelievable value for money!


Very few selections during October and November. Since I last updated you there have been just 6 bets and 3 winners which really isn’t good enough for a subscription based service. The quality over quantity approach is not bearing fruit alas which is a pity as Ken is a good honest man. Emphasis is very much on the long term if a profit is to be garnered but short-term performance really does need to improve markedly Again results are available for inspection.


Again results are available for inspection. I still have in the back of my mind the doctoring of results earlier in my trial period and am not satisfied with overall performance.


Again selections conspicuous by their absence this past month between newsletters. I don’t know if Lee is on holiday or has forgotten me!


Originally a reader’s recommendation, I really should have investigated this service myself before taking the reader’s word for it! The service is poor and is clinging on to the promise, in regular updates, that you will join the £100,000 club. A recent change of tactics (again) to high prices smacks of desperation.

The mathematics are flawed as far as trying to advance the betting bank by compounding with 4% stakes on short prices, a lot of which lose! I am shelving winintennis having lost complete faith in “Timster’s” ability to produce the goods after a year which has seen many changes in strategy and many desperate moves to try to produce predicted returns. Lesson learned – reader’s recommendations must be fully investigated!


Predominantly a flat service, this has now finished and has not produced a profit during my trial. With such a poor performance this is not a service to be recommended at all during the next flat season. It would seem that the selection strategy is flawed or needs updating. What a negative month it’s been so far! Time for a clear out of those not performing to be replaced by others with potential!

Of the traditional ebook systems, I have been happy again with The Saver System. I have also been trialling Cracking Betfair’s Back System in particular and noted the frequency of winners, alas at short prices.

However, when The Saver and The Cracking Betfair Selections were put through the Safebetplan, a £100 bank turned into £153. This was with no price restrictions. I must say that there was a 7/2 winner which, in relation to other prices, seems to be anomalous and may skew the figures.

There is definite potential here – longest losing run was 4 and there was a 46% strike rate. Despite the generally odds-on selections a profit has been made and I will definitely follow this with interest.


In last month’s newsletter I mentioned 2 potential handicap systems: The Top 6 System and the Biggest Weight Differential? Well, let’s take a closer look . . .

Top 6 System

Introducing the price restriction of evens – 2/1 at SP, has produced the following since the last issue – 1st 5/4, 2nd 5/4, 1st 13/8, 1st 2/1, 1st 2/1 and 5th 7/4 – a nice set of results with just this price band followed. Thirteen of the 21 selections at all prices actually placed as well. Remember when dealing with handicap races, the place only market can offer us odds which can turn this strike rate into profit.

The Biggest Weight Differential System

We placed a price restriction at 8/1. Fourteen selections at 8/1 or lower produced winners at 3/1, 7/2 and 3/1 with placed horses priced 11/2, 11/2, 6/1, 11/4, and 9/2. If we limit the price differential to the top weight being 9lbs or better than the 2nd top weight, we get an interesting set of results (also not including horses priced over 8/1) – 2nd 5/1, 1st 6/1, 1st 6/1, 3rd 4/1, 8th 11/4, 1st 3/1, 1st 7/2, 2nd 11/4, and 3rd 9/2.

OK, so we only have a small sample of results so far. It remains to be seen whether this price restriction coupled with selectively choosing top weights with a 9lb+ weight differential will pay long term. I’ll keep you bang up to date through the eletter and the website.

Money Box

Again, this was shouted from the rooftops as is the habit at Sportsworld Publishing’s marketing team. Money Box is showing shoots of recovery but is not, as yet, setting the betting world alight. One to leave alone until I tell you otherwise.


I have recently acquired the layformula from Steve Davison, the Aussie affiliate man – and initial feedback is very positive. However, yet again, this is another follow the money system (from a laying perspective) which makes the system redundant for all bar those able to follow the live betting market. The same staking plan is also used on laypro88.

Lifetimes Best Laying System


Lifetimes Best Laying System has just come across my desk. I do have a tendency now to be a bit wary about the claims made by Sportsworld Publishing, after The Money Vault fiasco “£26,340 profit in 34 days to £20 bets.WOW!!! Just 2 losing days!” This has never been replicated. I also remember the Signposts to Success system which made £100,000 in the Jumps campaign a couple of years ago. These results have NOT been repeated. That said, I am a great admirer of Tony Gibson, a genial Northerner who has written the Lifetime’s Best Laying System. As the title suggests this system looks to exploit horses who have to achieve a lifetime’s best performance to win the particular race they are involved in. This is calculated using the ratings available at The Racing Post.

Yet again, we have a laying system which focuses on a perceived weakness and looks to exploit it. As to the manual, I would have liked to have seen a lot more real world examples and a lot more clarity in the terminology used.

Prices for the lays can be as high as 11, which is not suitable for some. Utilising a good staking plan, though, and ensuring a proper strike rate, can ensure profitability. The Maria Staking Plan is hinted at, and this is a good sign of proper money management. This is a completely new product to me which I have not been able to implement, as it’s literally hot off the press. I look forward to trialling it and letting you know soonest. I thought you’d like to get a general feel for what’s on offer. Other systems I am trialling include:

www.onlineoffersforyou.com/ holygrail.html

www.mathematician-betting.co.ukan excellent advice sheet

http://www.kachinaracing.co.uk -advice sheet, sms tips and dutching which is a new addition I am keen to follow up – maybe use with the Sure2profit Multi bet Progressive Staking Dutching (pause for breathe)


www.threekeysracing.co.uk – intermittent but high quality lays from a reader’s own system proven over time

Brian CC – exciting potential here with another exclusive to WRWM readers – 90+ % strike rate needs to be kept up for a little bit longer before I reveal all about this lay service.

www.computapik.com – this is a stop-at-awinner system which focuses on 3 specific races per day and backs favourites in those races. The results on the website are true but don’t be taken in by the prevalence of w’s.

Remember the strike rate can look superb but the selections come from 3 races per day. That said, there is very definite potential here as long as oddson horses can be avoided, because an odds-on selection in races 2 or 3 may not produce a profit.

We are told to ensure there are no odds-on selections by looking at The Racing Post’s Betting Forecast, so I suppose the negative with this type of service is discrepancies in the betting forecast (which is only the opinion of a Racing Post journalist), and late withdrawals which may lead to horses becoming odds on shots.

Yes you can place stop at a winner bets with your local bookie (not online) so in that respect, this system can fall into the category of one you can figure out the night before and put your bet on lunchtime. An obvious advantage can be had, as with all stop at a winner systems, by following the live betting market, but not being able to shouldn’t diminish results. There is no rhyme, reason, or logic behind this system suffice to say it has good potential. You only ever risk 9 points a day and so far. Interestingly the author’s results include placed horses as well although I don’t know why as this is a win only betting system and the place only market has no bearing on this plan. ONE TO FOLLOW –you will be updated via the website and eletter as this is another system I have just got my hands on.

Do you remember Frankie Franks (the probably made up Aussie) and his all weather system? Well I have had feedback from a readerwhich may interest you . . .

That’s now 12 winners from 38 selections with a return of £532.50 to £10 level stakes. Still early days

but pretty impressive.” This is the All Weather Investments System Frankie Franks was flogging (see my “The Aussie’s are coming” article from the June 07 issue). Of course this is extremely promising but it remains to be seen if this is a false dawn. With plenty of all weather action this coming winter, lets see if this system keeps up the superb return on investment. You will be the first to know if it does and I will re release the website name. So don’t chase it up yet, let’s get a couple more months of results under our belts before we jump in.

So this is a glimpse into what I’m looking at. There are also some other exciting reader based systems which will be exclusively available to you if they prove profitable on a consistent basis. You won’t be able to get access to these potential winners anywhere else. We’re working on a readers’ specific area at www.whatreallywinsmoney.com! So if you haven’t got online access yet, please do now!