Because of the unique circumstances of this month (hey it’s not every day you become 40 and HAVE to celebrate!) the systems and tipsters update will be available in increments over coming newsletters. Logistics and timing have made it impossible for me to track all of the services. They will ALL be updated via the WRWM eletter every Friday for This month only.

My thanks must go to the guys at for providing their tips for free to readers of What Really Wins Money.

Here’s how they got on over Cheltenham Imperial Commander 10/1, won – Ante Post Peddlers Cross 9/1, won – Ante Post Khyber Kim 10/1, 2nd – Ante Post Somersby 6/1, 2nd – Ante Post

Kilty Storm 14/1, 2nd – Ante Post Big Bucks 8/13, won – Ante Post Noble Prince 11/1, 5th (bet365 ¼ odds 5 places).

Losers – Poquelin, Bensalem (fell).

A very profitable Cheltenham Festival for a service I do like. The information received by these guys seems to be proving itself to be very genuine

The results part of the website is much improved and features previous email messages along with performance of the account bets and “just info” bets. Please do inspect personally.

Updates on systems trialled in last newsletter

My sojourn to celebrate a milestone birthday has meant that I will be updating the majority of these betting systems currently on trial via my eletter every Friday. The newsagent who has been saving my Racing Post newspapers since I have been away was not open on my return so I cannot meet my deadline and catch up on all of the betting systems.

Betting systems which will be featured in my eletter will include the following. Quick on the Draw

From Sportsworld Publishing, I think I will be stopping the monitoring of this draw based betting system as I have not been able to see a profit from it during a concerted trial period.

Gamekeeper Turned Poacher

This is a traditional laying service from Sportsworld Publishing and has some promise. Expect an update in the eletter.

Dutching Diamond and Odds on to Win

2 dutching systems pretty much (coincidentally) cut from the same cloth. Dutching will only really be of interest, ideally, for those who can follow the live betting. Again expect updates of performance in the eletter over coming Fridays.

The 5-year Consistency Plan

I will update you on whether this system continues to show some signs of being “one to follow

Tipsters and systems whose results are online for your inspection

As ever, there are a number of websites who update their results regularly. I have repeated them in previous issues so if you want to inspect results for yourselves, please visit the sites below

The Easy Lay Method

Results proofed at and under Horses4courses tips. The results are calculated using FIXED LIABILITY. This means that losses are controlled -you know in advance how much you will lose if any selection wins, BUT your returns will be compromised by price.

Check out results for yourself and they have nosedived. Not worth following for me anymore – it seems to go nowhere. provide results for the Dodgy Favourites lay system which is being sold at Sportsworldpublishing

Tipsters being monitored is a generally tipping service covering all events.

A wholly transparent service this one and again results are available for inspection at the website.

You should know by now the vagaries of loss retrieval services but another month with 100% strike rate. I will repeat what I said last month. As long as you are aware of the risks associated with loss retrieval, and accept that a losing day can lose a lot of profit gained, then this service has delivered to date.

A poor record since last month with 5 of 11 tips losing resulting in a 10 point loss. Results are available at for your inspection

New products

I have begun a trial with this back tipster service from Mark Foley. This particular service focuses on trainers and the races they “target”. I can update via my eletter for this month only due to the unique circumstances

This is a horse racing backing tipster service that I have also recently started to monitor. It looks very promising at this early stage and another Month’s worth of data will give us a good idea re the profitability or otherwise.

A lay specific tipping service I have just begun monitoring.

A laying tipping service with heady claims. Do they deliver? I have been receiving advices this month gone. alist.htm

This system begins on 27th March and I have a copy of it now. As we know, some of Sportsworld’s systems can be hit and miss. This is a flat specific system .The focus of this system is on trainers who put out horses for specific trainers.

I am currently trialling Pro Betting Bot so would just like to give you a quick overview . At present this betting bot, designed specifically for Betfair, is focused on3 automated laying systems, and offers the facility to automate a number of lay staking plans. The one that immediately grabs my attention is the Maria Staking Plan.

Please expect an update on all of these new services in the eletters this month.