Results for the Top 6 System have been impressive since 7th January (Xmas break meant database not complete)

The previous idea about restricting selections to the price band evens to 2/1 has resulted in unplaced 2/1, win 7/4, 2nd 7/4, 2nd 2/1, win 6/4, 3rd 5/4, 1st 15/8, 2nd 15/8, 2nd 15/8. All bar the first placed and a 1-point loss to level stakes. Again, with all selections the following horses placed (Y for yes and N for not placed)


YNNNNYYNYNYY, 23 from 39 selections.

The Top 6 system was characterised by a 22/1 winner in Will he wish which obviously results in a profit for the month to date using all selections to level stakes

Just before that 22/1 winner we were actually realising a 12% profit on all selections to level stakes which is very good. I will continue to follow the system as I think it has merit along a number of lines – place only betting, evens, 2/1 selections and as a whole. (Incidentally including the 22/1 winner Level stakes profit is 22 points since 7th January). NOTE: some races have 2 selections – I back both to the same stakes.

The Biggest Weight Differential System.

Since 7th Jan, using restrictions mentioned in November’s newsletter (no horse over 8/1 and 9 lbs difference in weight) we get the following results 3rd 9/4, 3rd 7/1, 2nd 15/8, 4th 10/11. Uninspiring but 3 of the 4 of the selections placed. Still one to monitor I feel given previous results . . .


Donald Hunting at has a couple of interesting betting systems I’m monitoring (and a select few of you can too provided I get full feedback and results re your experiences): The Multi Bet software for selecting more than one outcome/horse to bet on (not a new theme, granted, but an interesting piece of kit) and the Merlin Results Radar System for football betting predictions. The latter interests me greatly and is something I want to implement and report back to you on.

These guys sell the awesome price finder racing system which I am keen to look at (if anyone has it already, please let me know).

I am keen, too, to investigate more of Michelle Khang’s systems for reasons already explained previously – profit potential and price!

I spoke last year about bots so please resubmit if you can trial bots for me. I feel it is important to look into this area given it has the potential to at least help you make money while you’re making money working.

I still want to continue monitoring this system – the patient aspect of the system requires, as hinted at, patience, but that patience is largely paid off with lays that lose their races.

You can download the Januray 2008 edition of the WRWM newsletter by going to the back issue archive page.