There are 2 lay systems that have come to the fore recently (from testers’ feedback). The first is:

Laying Impact

WRWM tester Barry (and my thanks must go to him for his reliability and efforts) has revealed the following profit figures for the Lay Impact system for the past 3 months:

OCTOBER +41.7 points

NOVEMBER +40.5 points

DECEMBER +38.3 points

Mighty impressive, but one flaw – once again this is a system which requires the live betting market.

Laying Impact is the work of Thomas Adams and the website is If you can stop yourself from sniggering at the usual marketing rubbish emblazoned on the site, the price for this product is £37 BUT if you act as if you are leaving the site by clicking on the X in the top right hand corner, an “operator” pop up box comes up offering it for $57, around £30.

One problem I do have is Mr Adam’s claim that the system can be safely used on US and Australian racing. Now these races are characterised by lack of liquidity in the market, so the prices shown on Betfair are often far wide of the mark when compared with the Australian and USA bookmakers’ prices. I would keep to UK and Irish racing for this system myself.

If future performance can be replicated then this represents exceptional value. If there are any readers with any ideas how those unable to follow the live market can use this system, then get in touch – bots? Bet placement? (Here we will have to ensure profits exceed charges!)

Reports of 70+ points profit in the last 3 months is exceptional. Another, alas, live market laying system, it is a take on the strategy of laying the 2nd / laying the 3rd live market favourite on Betfair and claims a LONG TERM 88% strike rate.

Accompanying the system is a loss recovery staking plan (as ever anomalous sets of results will negate its impact) which is not the traditional loss recovery method and does have some safety valves. At £89.98 it is a little steep when compared with other systems and is definitely worth future monitoring especially using the specialist staking software.

As already mentioned, laying the 2nd / laying the 3rd live market favourite has been replicated in may many other ebooks on the market. So does this ebook’s unique method of implementing this selection strategy, coupled with the staking plan ensure long term profit? It may seem so.

The Lifetimes Best Laying system

Available from the initial betting bank has halved during the test but the place only aspect of the system is showing some promise. The advised profit of £25,000 to £100 level stakes does not tell you about prospective liabilities on some of the bets in the lay to win-only market topped 10.6.

Interestingly the laying the place-only market ensures liabilities remain small and also produced a profit – this is where I may focus with future testing.Can you really afford to have £900 in liability to win £100? Thought not! One to follow definitely.

A quick mention of the Maria Staking Plan within the manual may help ensure liability control, as will the place only aspect of the betting up to odds of 3.5.

With a loss in the test period, constant monitoring is required to see whether a long-term profit will accrue. This is important for me as this is the kind of system which could be used without recourse to the live betting markets (although, yet again, any non runners at the head of the market in a qualifying race may seriously hinder our horses; chances of losing) It must be noted that with Christmas and the New Year, certain of the services have not yet renewed my subscriptions for 2008 – this is something I have made them aware of (Lee O’Hare, Lay Crazy (although results are available for inspection at amongst the culprits.

This, coupled with testers wanting to enjoy Christmas of course, has made for an incomplete section this month. It’s just the time of year! Look out for detailed updates in the next issue . . .

You can download the Januray 2008 edition of the WRWM newsletter by going to the back issue archive page.