Results are now updated on the website and look impressive but I must reiterate the warning regarding this system which seeks to win a target amount per day in a cycle of 3 bets using loss retrieval should bets 1 and/or 2 lose. There are a lot of odds on qualifiers and, simply put, odds on prices and loss retrieval don’t mix, unless you want stakes to increase rapidly.

I notice a couple of winners at 1/4 and 1/5. Now if these selections were bets 2 or 3 in the sequence, the stakes are going to escalate beyond a comfortable level.


I reiterate what I said last month regarding the results for this ‘stop at a winner’ system. Results on the website are verifiable BUT do heed the warning from last month’s newsletter. Any selection shown as losing, or coming 2nd, has in fact lost 9 points, as that is the maximum stake used per day.

Bear that in mind, as at first glance the results look superb. Remember too that there are generally 3 selections per day and we stop at a winner. So profits will be proportionate to amount staked, and whether the bet is the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of the day. Still, it has been holding up well, and is simplicity itself. It would be very interesting to note year-end figures. 135 points profit since tests began (bear in mind 9 points are put at risk daily) is impressive enough.

The Favourites Phenomenon System


Having asked for testers, they will now be renewing testing of this “follow the favs” system by using the system creator’s daily advices. My tester has experienced –13.5 points loss thus far for his test period since the last newsletter. It remains to be seen whether the input of the system creator will turn a profit. A system unsuited to me, as I don’t have the patience. I hope for better returns to report on next month.

You can download the August 2008 edition of the WRWM newsletter by going to the back issue archive page.