What a week it’s been. There was I, superhero cape on, stepping in to look after my brother’s fiancée’s cat as she moves home, and the damn thing catches one sight of the splendor of the Kerry Countryside and does a runner. Out I go in car and search for said cat in aforementioned Kerry Countryside when the clutch goes in the car, leaving me in the Kerry Countryside as well as the cat in hiding.

Thank God for mobile phones at least!

Well I managed, Bear Grylls style, to survive the Kerry countryside and return home. I managed to find some sustenance in the form of Chocolate Digestives and a can of 7up which was in the glove compartment (tastes nicer than Bear’s dirt and worms I can tell you) and the cat is still missing.

So it’s back to the PC, with one eye outside incase the errant cat decides to return for the comforts of RTE Television and Whiskas cat food.

All, the while, in the background, there have been another couple of affiliate eBook releases, from www.undergroundpunter.com to www.puntersprophecy.com.

Again, I’m afraid that personally I remain unconvinced that either of these systems will do as they claim. For example, punters prophesy tells us that it will pull in £27,000 per year. The proof? 3 screenshots of horse bets that have won for stakes of £5 and a screenshot of a purported £401 profit.

All well and good, but this is proof of nothing. These are randomly selected screenshots, whether doctored or real (you never know) that have no provable connection to the 3 step punters prophecy “system”.

The £35 price tag is also a give away of course as is the emails I have received from no fewer than 4 sources trying to sell it to me, as well as the tired old copy on the website.

There are 3 systems that have piqued my interest though and which I’m more than happy to spend time reviewing.

The first system I will be purchasing comes from Streetwise Marketing here and the reason I’m happy to look at this system? I know the company. I know their reputation and I know they honour refunds.

The promotion is all a little cloak and dagger and gives no clues at all (but at least our intelligence isn’t insulted with random screenshots).

The second system is to be found here and has a purported 3 years worth of proofed results – good enough for me to take a peek at (as opposed to some affiliate telling us it’s made millions, honest guv, erm, look at the random screenshot – all the proof you’ll ever need guv!)

The 3rd system comes from Jon Burgess and is his Race Specialist lay system. The reason I’m happy to look at this? The guy has a reputation for producing quality products (as opposed to those who have a reputation for releasing eBooks every 2nd day that deliver nothing).

So I look forward to putting these 3 to the test. My choices based on REPUTATION of the system sellers, and RESULTS THAT CAN BE LOOKED INTO.

And while I’m on the subject, is there any Roulette system holders who have not provided any feedback? Please do so – it would be great to learn your experiences after so many positives thus far.

New Trading Tipsters Appearing

I mentioned this blog in a previous newsletter regarding trading http://adamheathcote.blogspot.com/ and it seems, on the back of said blog, he has released his own tipping service.

Take a look here to see an example of his advices. Remind you of anything?

Yes, it’s exactly how I described trading to be last week – the potential profit to be made by the ANTICIPATION of a future price move.

My concern with trading tipsters is that their advices will be self fulfilling prophecies won’t they? 100+ clients all looking at exactly the same horse and exactly the same time, anticipating exactly the same possible future price movement, and who sits pretty? The guy who has given out the advice because weight of money has ensured a profit for him regardless of how erroneous or otherwise his information was.

So think twice before joining this kind of service. Do read that blog though (it’s free and quite clearly this Adam guy has done something right!)

The kind of trading tipster I suppose who would be better would be a football trading tipster.

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IT is easier to anticipate possible future price moves in this arena because generally we have 3 OUTCOMES, and we know in advance what occurrences will change the markets – goals (or lack of goals) and sending offs.

Another trading tipster can be found at Cherries Trading and elements of this service sounded alarm bells (perhaps, admittedly I’m conditioned to expect the worst).

Take a look at these questions from the frequently asked questions page:

Q: How much can I invest?
A: The minimum lump sum is £3,000
Q: And how is my income paid?
A: Monthly, quarterly or half yearly to your designated bank account
Q: Can I withdraw my money?
A: Yes, at any time just provide us with 28 days notice
Q: I don’t have a lump sum at present, can I be involved on a monthly basis?
A: Yes, a minimum of £100 per month

These questions hint that we may have to hand over cash to a 3rd party for them to “TRADE “on our behalf, safe in the knowledge that we have NO REDRESS, no way of checking reputation, and no one watching out for us if this 3rd party is unwilling to return the cash.

Now Cherry trading may be as legitimate as they come, but I remember all too well the Millennium Club with its 28 days notice (surely it’s your money – how on earth can anyone enforce their self made rules) and promises (or the hint of) higher returns for higher deposits.

3% return a month sounds very realistic indeed and at least they are not making ridiculous claims.

BUT the Millennium Club, and Preferential Sports Investments worked by “betting” YOUR money for you and then sending a letter some time down the line telling you they’ve had a rotten bit of luck and blown your betting bank (of course no proof is given of this occurrence).

So be very wary of these “managed account” companies and please please please do your due diligence.
As for trading, well you know now that all trading in is trying to profit from anticipating a future price movement. Back a horse/team and hope to lay them at a lower price.

Lay a horse/team and hope to back them at a higher price.

Enhanced betting on the football is one such method of anticipating possible future price movements – can you list any others?

I’ll keep you informed how these 3 systems look.

In the meantime, I’m off now to anticipate the potential future movement of a cat in the Kerry Countryside

Have a great weekend

Clive Keeling