An exciting few days we’ve got ahead with Freddie ‘where’s me pedalo (hic!)’ Flintoff out to redeem himself against the might of world crickeeet, erm, Kenya. It’s like Barcelona having to redeem themselves against my Sunday League side!

And then there’s Steve ‘Malcolm’ McClaren out to redeem himself against the might of, er, Israel on Saturday. It really is a must win game but which England will turn up – the clowns who played Croatia or the lions who spanked Germany 5-1 (aah the memories).

I’ll be looking at all the weekend football as usual in my blog at http://soccerbettingmoneymaker.blogspot.com/ which has been doing well of late, ONLY with the perspective of the trader.

Take Falkirk v Celtic – Falkirk scored in the 16th minute – now I had predicted over 2.5 goals here, and guess what the market predicted one the underdogs scored first – exactly the same, as was seen by the fluctuation in odds allowing me to tradeout, DESPITE the game ending 1-0! The joys of trading I’m sure you’ll agree.

The backing blog has been as frustrating as the quality of racing this week, with a number of big prices coming 2nd – I seem to be getting 12/1’s coming 2nd almost every day, but at least bagged a winner yesterday, albeit at 17/2.


The roots of recovery were sown this week on the Lay Profit Alert with a run of 26 consecutive losing lays helping to patch up a weary betting bank after the exploits of the week before. These blips happen, as painful as it is to experience them, but working the plan will see us right over the long term. The £3K initial Maria bank even broke the £6K mark (again!) thanks to the great winning run of losers.

With the Irish kicking off the flat on Sunday I will be looking on with the keen eye of the backer and layer as the imperious AidenO’Brien tries out this year’s crops of, hopeful, potential superstars at the Curragh. With heavy ground predicted there may be some opportunity to lay some short priced debutants over sprint distances.


As you’ll read in March’s newsletter, Aiden O’Brien can be relied upon generally to knock in the winners. Although if last year’s trend continues, his initial crop of 2 year olds invariably lose their first races, and then come on in leaps and bounds in future races.

There’ll also be opportunities to land some decent prices amongst the Ballydoyle runners this coming flat season, and I’ll be trying exactly that on the back blog at http://clivekeeling.spaces.live.com Last year was a resounding success with the highest priced winner from the O’Brien camp being 25/1, with a 12/1 in the same day! God bless yer Aiden!


The Money Vault has got email correspondents hot and bothered, and no wonder, with the fanciful claims for success.

So what’s involved? Well the Money Vault I would describe as the 16/1 system with some rules to tighten up selections. Now the 16/1 system has been provided to readers for free, and casually looking at the odd race, produced a nice 14/1 winner on Monday, who was 25/1 in the betting forecast.

I think the Money Vault will work, although a caveat here that it is predominantly a system for use with the live betting market, because, like the 16/1 system, we have to compare and contrast using the live bookmakers’ odds. I look forward to trialing it, because I know the 16/1 System can produce big priced placed and winning horses and will no doubt keep you informed.

I have also received the Pinnacle system too, which I have yet to trial. I look forward to that too, and will report back.


Into practice mode with this forex strategy now and it looks very promising! Using the system yesterday, manually, you could have swiped 75 pips in about half an hour – seriously good!

Like I say it’s fundamental analysis rather than traditional technical analysis but looks promising.

Yes there will be losing days – that’s a given but it only takes a few more of these pips profits to consign the losing days to history I really need to continue to practice, practice, practice because I could soon retire to KellyBrook’s garden shed (don’t tell the boss) if I can nail this.

Note: The brand spanking new version of Louise’s Foolproof Forex strategy is released on Saturday 31st March and will include manual, calculator, teleseminar AND email support! Look out for full details here next week!


Yes, yet another betfair revolution (YAWN!) hit my inbox this week, from the same bloke who brought me the last Betfair Revolution – he signs himself weareleeds – he’s a serial ebook writer specialising in Betfair and I seem to have paid for his early retirement with the amount of ebooks I’ve got from him. I’m loathe to pay him any more hard earned but am at the behest of readers – if there’s sufficient interest then maybe! So let me know


I look forward to using this this weekend, and must just put this thought forward. Do you remember the Football Cash Generator (you know – the lay the draw blah blah blah system) which originally sold for over £100 yet has now become old news? Well this was a very simple system indeed. Raj Patel’s system is also very simple to follow BUT very expensive and may appear on Ebay soon as original buyers memorise the system and no longer need the package. So if you play a waiting game, and this interest you, then keep an eye out on forums and ebay for owners wishing to pass their copies on. I have been informed that a variation of the system is available at http://www.footballtradingprofits.com/ for £57 – I’m afraid I cannot vouch for this – it was just a tip off, but if true will be a considerable saving for generally the same methodology. I have not read this manual – so please bear that in mind.


To give the live systems a fair crack of the whip, I cannot possibly track all of them during a single day’s racing, and I was so impressed by the level of feedback from Daily Mail readers to my last request, that I’m doing a shout out here – so if you can follow the live markets, and want to try some betfair live systems, then please get in touch, and in return I’ll expect some good feedback regarding workability.


Are you a fan of the Racing and Football Outlook? You may be interested in this http://bestips.blogspot.com – it offers an analysis of the performance of the tipsters in the Racing and Football Outlook so you can see who’s hot and who’s not. It could prove useful in knowing who’s generally the most reliable over time.


Yes it’s poker night for me tonight at my brothers along with other of Guernsey’s underworld, all battling it out psychologically for the huge pot on offer (a tenner I think, but the beer is free!). I look forward to playing against real people you can see – going to be a good night and a bad morning I suspect!

Hope you all have a great weekend, and do make use of the blogs if you’re so inclined – they’re free and the soccer blog especially has been good of late!