First, thanks go to Racing Information Database for the J~^ following: “It’s been a good consistent month for most of the services and long may it continue. Brimardon are at it again, not being content with the best computer system in the world (ha ha) it now has help from the best man in the business (no name given) at a cost of £100K. What a load of B******s! I have just had a letter from a man who paid upwards of £3.5K for the system and has been wiped out within the month. I have advised him to go to the Office of Fair Trading and lodge a claim and complaint. For those of you tempted by their ads to join beware! It is the quickest way to the workhouse. In our opinion, The Racing Post should be ashamed of themselves for printing the ads”

The stand out this month has been a lay system entitled “Streaks ahead crazy lays” who have a 100% record.- The website makes interesting reading. I have taken the liberty of asking for a trial in the hope that a high strike rate will continue, and more importantly translate into money! With a consistent 82% strike rate, I am keen to look into this service on your behalf.

Other services posting continuous and past monthly profits include…

The Sweeney appears in the loss column again, as does Sport4Profit who posted good results in April. Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. is another service I have approached and will continue to pester until I get a trial. It’s encouraging to see some regular faces making a profit, and as long as they continue in this vein then they will be worth reviewing. Look out soon, I hope for a more indepth analysis of the above mentioned who continue to produce the goods on a monthly basis.

Phoenix Racing has also been another service which has remained consistent over a period, so I will search them out for a trial and report back.”

If you would like to receive RID’s full monthly printouts, which include detailed profit-and-loss figures and lots of other useful information (including longest winning and losing runs for each service), write to them at Racing Information Database, PO Box 3336, Sheffield, S14 1WY. You can also e-mail them at A subscription to RID currently costs £99 a year and a sample issue is £10.

Results to Dream Of: June started very well for the RTDO system, with 3/1 a 7/2 and 11/10 consecutive winners. The longest losing run has been 7 this month, but we have had further winners priced at 8/11, 5/2, 9/2, 4/1, 7/4, 2/1, 9/2, 5/4, 9/2, 5/2, 2/5, and 10/11. 13 selections have come 2nd which is very frustrating indeed. The longest losing run for odds against selections was 7 this month. This would have been the only nail biting moment for those of you using Cashmaster, judging by my results, and ignoring all odds on horses for the purposes of this type of staking.


The Lay Systems

I’m still getting profits from these systems but do employ an element of trading when the opportunity arises. Before a race has even been run, if the odds of a selection rise above those at which you laid that selection, trade out for a guaranteed profit. Also make sure you monitor in running as well, which helps to safeguard the betting bank. The Fairbot I mentioned earlier can be an ideal tool to use with these lays, as its price graphs can let you see if your selection is fancied by the market or not.If you missed the Lay Systems review, you can download it by going to

AD Associates

If their customer service throughout our test on their Pro Select Football service was anything to go by, then I would suggest leaving this company much promoted horse racing package well alone until it starts honouring its refund guarantees! The brochure is nice and glossy like the football one – but that didn’t work either. Avoid!

Trading course invasion!

There are a wealth of betting exchange courses promising the earth, but basically rehashing the same core information in different formats. So, if you have one trading course, then I would suggest you have the information you need to trade with on the betting exchanges. Please do contact me if you would like some recommendations. The cheapest course is easytraderpro, found at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. and for only £49 will cover all the basics for you.

Bet Placement Service

Some readers may be interested in making use of bet placement services. I took the liberty of having an hour long conversation with one such service Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.. The gentleman on the other end of the line was very forthright and explained fully their methods. They operate via the main betting exchange, Betfair, and their target is to make you a consistent profit monthly using either their own system or a system/tipster of your choosing. If you need to contact them, please do visit their website and contact them to organise a chat. Remember to ask as many questions as you can. After all you are the potential customer. After I have established a big enough betting bank, I will be passing it on to betforyou and see how they progress.

Beware the following…

I don’t like services that ask for your money to “bet” with, especially in cash and therefore untraceable. So please tread very carefully before entering into any financial transactions whatsoever, and ask QUESTIONS – always – as is your right!

Thanks to a fellow reader for his experiences of Stanley Walker Racing – my comments in italics:

“Dear Clive, I sent for a 2-month trial at the end of March, which was reasonably successful, but I decided not to renew. However they contacted me and said that their own horse was running. Would I place a bet for them? No. They said what about £10. I agreed. If they owned horses they can’t be fly by nights? (Never presume anything!). The horse came second. I contacted them. I could have the bet stake back but it was a trifling amount and this person was surprised that his colleague had accepted this agreement as they normally only dealt with £400-£500. But they had a series of bets coming which, if (oh and an if – past performance is in no way a reflection of future performance, unless these people are co-owners with Mystic Meg) they were as successful as the 13 bets they had from their source last year when all 13 bets won, the profit this year from 23 bets would make the £10 I had bet for them insignificant. A contract was being drawn up so that, although I could not think about that sort of money (£10,000) I could pay the fee out of winnings! All I had to do was send them as much deposit as I could afford, preferably cash in a recorded envelope (hang on a sec. This is a very sudden change of tack and should be ringing alarm bells). I sent £250 cash. Should there be a loser, no matter how many winners there had been, the deposit would be returned and balance not due.

I contacted them and was told that there was a delay in setting up the contacts I heard no more. I then received a letter in the middle of June about a ‘gamble of the year ‘ planned for Newcastle on 30th June guaranteed to win (there is no such thing as a sure thing) at 10/1 at least! I called the number and said I would be prepared to back it for them “in the meantime how are the 23 winners coming along?” I asked. You should have received your contract this week if not, certainly in the next few days. How much can you put on for us? Same as last time. They said they weren’t interested in small amounts.

I tried to contact the number today but their line was unavailable also I tried their tips number. I wondered if this service was still running then why couldn’t I contact the Reading number?

Well, Clive, when I emailed you before I said I was a sucker. Have I been caught again???”

I have been unable to contact Stanley Walker Racing myself either.

This next reader’s plight was originally aired in my weekly e-letter, I felt the urgency of relaying his plight needed quick exposure rather than waiting for the newsletter. I recount it here, but for those who would like to receive my free e-letter, please go to Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. and submit your details there.

“Dear Clive,

I joined a tipster service on March 1st 2006 called Abacus Racing. In April they began offering a trading service where they traded on betfair locking in a guaranteed profit whether the horse won or lost. I sent them £400 to invest in the trading in April.(Without a contract or personal meeting, handing over hard cash to strangers based on their words is very dangerous) On the May 1st betfair went down due to technical difficulties between 2.00pm and 3.00pm and they claim they placed a back bet on a certain horse in that morning and when they tried to lay the horse close to the start of the race betfair was down (it ran in the 2.20pm race). I lost my investment. I phoned betfair to check and indeed they were down between those times therefore I believed their story (although on reflection I doubt it very much). Sympathizing with what had happened and wanting to get back my original investment I sent them a further £400 to invest in the trading. Then all of a sudden they ceased operating their tipster service (Abacus racing) because of bad results and changed their name to betfair traders. Alarm bells starting ringing for me. I was now a little suspicious but I went against my better judgment and left my £400 investment with them.

Then on May 27th they sent me an email saying that instead of backing and laying a certain horse by mistake they backed it twice (how can so-called professionals do such a stupid thing, and why is the reader being penalized for the incompetence of these people. Surely they should be held accountable for their mistakes?) Therefore I lost my £400 investment again. I sent them emails asking for proof of their mistake and so far they have ignored my emails. This leads me to believe the whole trading thing was made up and they basically scammed me out of this money.”

Oops! An apology!

I just want to clear something up regarding my mentioning that Abacus Racing had proofed their results to in a recent e-letter. I want to stress that Racing Index in no way endorse Abacus Racing and are a wholly independent body, who, in fact, I use on a regular basis as a portal to all things gambling. I don’t want to mislead anybody into thinking that Racing Index are in any way involved with Abacus Racing or their pseudonym Betfair traders. My purpose was to show that although a service such as Abacus Racing may proof to a reputable company such as racing-index, this is no proof of Abacus Racing’s integrity!