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An Important Message From Nick Laight – Publisher – What Really Wins Money


If you could make at least £25 per hour using this Betfair loophole, how often would you play?


While Clive is working hard on the latest issue of What Really Wins Money, I wanted to share some very exciting news with you . . .

Last year Clive wrote an article in WRWM about making money playing Betfair card games and specifically Baccarat. I was so excited by the potential that I investigated further.

What I love about this strategy is you can simply dip in and out of Betfair and trade your way to profits while keeping any losses strictly under control.

Well that’s the theory. But Clive himself admitted that we needed to research this further to come up with a watertight plan.

Well I think I’ve come up trumps and I am delighted to say you are one of the first people ANYWHERE to be introduced to it!

Through my industry contacts, I’ve discovered a proven strategy that allows you to skim off small regular tax-free cash windfalls. Every 3 minutes or so (the average duration of a single Baccarat game) you could make small sums… mainly under £10 each time… and even factoring in the occasional loss, it could make you between £25 and £50 – tax-free… every hour.

Interested? Then check it out here:


I should make one thing very clear – the key to making a success of this is you have to look at it like a stock market trader… NOT a gambler.

You don’t play hunches, tip offs or gut instinct.

Instead, think of Betfair’s Baccarat as a trading platform for you. In this game you’re a TRADER – not a gambler or a player._

Yes, Baccarat is a game of chance BUT the magic of using Betfair means you can remove almost all the risk from the equation by placing two bets on the SAME outcome – one at a low price and one at a higher price.

The net effect of this is that you lock-in a profit before the game has finished!

Don’t worry if this sounds complicated – because it isn’t. Everything is explained in simple step-by-step terms.

Ok, it might not give you the thrill of a long shot romping home, but who cares when this could bring in a steady income on demand! Seriously, it’s like having a cashpoint machine on your PC!

If you are at all intrigued, then please take a look at the website. It can explain the details far better than I can here:


Of course, you won’t win every time you play… but you can guarantee yourself a very high strike rate by following a set of rules that have been proven over hundreds of hours of real-time play…

And here’s what else I love about this system:

–       It’s easy and quick to understand

–       You don’t need any previous knowledge, a mathematical brain or extensive study

–       You can play at times that suit you – Betfair is open 24/7, 365 days of the year, so you can dip in and out when you have a spare few minutes (or hours!)

–       You’ll be given clear, detailed and simple rules to follow that NEVER change and require no adaptation

–       You’ll be using a strategy that minimises risk so that you virtually always make money

–       Get the cost of your investment back in as little as a few hours

–       OH and one more thing I should mention: it’s seriously addictive! And I mean this in a positive way. What’s more fun than seeing these small profits being credited to your account every 3 minutes!

Full details here:


As I am co-publishing this system, I am fully underwriting the 30-day money back guarantee. That way you can try this out or yourself and see if it is right for you. If not – for whatever reason – you can return the system for a full and prompt refund.

This is brand new strategy and I am confident there will be a lot of very happy traders making a very tidy side income from this.

So, when you start making money, please let me know your success story!

Here’s he link once more:



Nick Laight
What Really Wins Money