“I broke-even within 21 days and made £3,000 pure profit in just 6 weeks following these top class tips!”

Welcome to our first tipster review of 2006!

Before we get to the good news, first a cautionary tale. I must admit to being very selective about the tipsters I chose to review. After all there are just so many out there making ridiculous claims. Here’s a typical mailshot I received through the letterbox the other day:

Make £70,000 per month for less than £400? There’s something fishy here!

Seventy grand a month – now we could all do with that! So I was very happy to have been ‘personally selected’ by Mr Paul Howell as someone he can help make £840,000 per year!

I mean how can you argue with a ‘Financial Industry 2005 Triple A-Rated Award Winner’, or a man photographed with Frankie Dettori, ‘sharing a joke with John Francome’, raising a glass with Derek Thompson, with Jimmy Fortune and Ray Cochrane.

Of course, this establishes great perceived credibility until Frankie recently revealed in the Racing Post that he does not even know Paul Howell! He was merely photographed at a black tie event with him. The photographs in the literature may lead the reader to think that Mr. Howell is personally connected to the people he happened to be photographed with at a black tie event. As far as we can tell, he is not!

So what’s the deal? Well, for a special price of £399 – that’s “87% off” the usual price of £3052’, we are given the opportunity to enjoy an “average guaranteed profit of £70,000 each month”

OK, let’s take a step back . . .

Alarm bells should already be ringing! If I was making £840,000 from my tips, why go to the bother of setting up a tipping service, and have all of the attendant worries that that brings – customer queries, processing, updating the phone line daily? Give me my £840,000 a year and I’ll show you how to enjoy it!

The Financial Industry 2005 Triple A Rated award seems to have been something Mr. Howell has given himself, although he claims to have been given it by the European Financial Times. Correct me if I’m wrong, but financial newspapers don’t seem to have an historic leaning towards awarding horseracing tipsters, if they are anything like our Financial Times!

But enough of Mr Howell. We’re here to find ways of making money and that’s exactly what you could do with Isiris . . .

Enough of that, here’s where the money is really being made!

I have become very used to seeing Isiris’ adverts in The Racing Post over the years, and it was this consistent advertising and longevity within the industry that made me want to test drive them and see if the claims were genuine.

Fourteen years of continual profit is something worth looking at. No, we won’t make £70,000 per month, but we may make that amount in a year, based upon stakes and 12 straight winning months in 2005.

So how does Isiris perform?

My welcome pack highlighted how I was to receive the tips, the staking plan used, and the main types of bets I would be following. I was immediately taken by the staking plan and sensible money management method – good signs at this early stage. But it’s with winners that any tipster has to be judged. And not just the winners, but also the ability to get the biggest profit out of the selections through the staking plan.

Having followed the results for more than 2 months, I am more than happy to report that this tipster is delivering at the moment.

When would you be in profit? It only took me

3 weeks! I judge a tipsters worth by how long it takes to break even. What do I mean? Well, having paid a subscription fee of almost £2,000 for this service, how long would I expect to win that money back and move into profit?

Beginning my trial on 29th October 2005, with a recommended betting bank of £4,000, we reached break-even point on the 19th November when the betting bank reached £6085. Everything else we win from now on is pure profit.

My first clear £1,000 profit was reached on the 25th November, when the betting bank reached £7051. I reached £8000 on the 5th December 2005, and my betting bank touched £9,000 on 7th December when a maximum account bet Portavadie came home at 10/11.

There’s a great mix of strongly fancied horses, big priced selections and, interestingly, horses whose trainers actually back to win. I don’t know where Isiris gets its information, but it does seem to hit the spot!

Calculating based on recommended stakes, and taking into account a worse case scenario on all each-way bets (1/5th of the odds returned on all each way calculations) the results are impressive. I cannot comment on any results prior to my test day, including the flat season.

A tipster should be judged on what he does NOW, not yesterday, and with this in mind, Isiris is delivering. Of course I can’t foretell the future, but will be monitoring their performance on a monthly basis after the initial test.

What are the drawbacks?

OK, the prices quoted on the tips may not be the prices you can get on at. This may simply be explained by weight of numbers backing the same horse at roughly the same time. This can have a drastic effect on the odds advised by Isiris and the odds you are able to back at.

A recent example was South Bronx on the 4th December. Advised at 20/1, the horse went off at 12/1. The potential difference in profits is there to see. My advice – when you get a tip, get on immediately.

I also see no point in backing some selections, as advised, each way, when they are below 4/1. This presents no value to you. There must be method in the madness for Isiris to recommend such an uneconomic bet. The cynic in me tells me it’s to boost perceived winning percentages, but I would only be guessing here, and have no firm ground on which to base this assumption.

All in all, the service meets all expectations for a service that charges £1,950 per year, the most important of which is the profitability. Clearly in the test period, the subscription has been won back, leaving the rest of the year to show pure profit, if winning selections continue.

How much should you have in your betting bank?

In order to truly profit from Isiris, and win back your subscription fee, a starting bank of some £4,000 is recommended. Anything less may lead to a longer time period in recovering your initial subscription fee. This is an important point to bear in mind before signing up any tipping service.

You can overcome this by using more than one bookmaker – with the market place as competitive as it is, there’s no problem in opening multiple accounts and masking your betting patterns. Important: Please keep a record of all bets placed if you are using multiple bookmakers. If you’re not, it is still good practice, and will allow you to monitor when your ‘break even’ point arrives.

Why Isiris is ideal if you work fulltime

Just one phone call at around 12:40pm will determine your bet for the day. Difficulty may arise when we are told to phone back later on in the day. This may prove frustrating if it is impractical for you to access the later information, but it is only a short phone call to get the info, and a short phone call to place the attendant bet.

Bottom Line: I have no hesitation in recommending Isiris, on the proviso that you have the necessary funds to get the very best out of the service – i.e. starting with £100 betting bank is just impractical when you have already forked out £1,950 to join!

I can see why they have run for 14 years, and I am glad I had the opportunity to test them – this should give you a clue as to their integrity, and gives me the comforting feeling that they have nothing to hide.

Contact Details:
Isiris Racing
Price: £1,950
Refund Policy: None
Website: http://www.isiris.co.uk
Email: http://info@isiris.co.uk
Address: PO Box 17, North Seaton, NE64 6EW
Telephone: 07000 560330