Finally, a Cracking Horse Tipping Service That’s Perfect for Progressive Staking Plans

Some days I despair, I really do, when yet another glossy brochure lands on my desk promising millions in a few years for a ridiculously low subscription fee. Thanks, then, must go to the readers who pointed me in the direction of this excellent service from Ok, it doesn’t promise you tens of thousands per month, but will offer you the chance to grow your betting bank consistently, day in and day out, week in and week out with the minimum of fuss and, better still, with an element of peace of mind.

So what’s involved?

Cast your minds back to my article on the cashmaster progressive staking calculator and how the results to dream of system seemed to marry perfectly with this money management plan. Well, now I’ve found another service which offers greater consistency as regards winners and is an ideal service for those of you able to work a progressive staking plan on a daily basis

Progressive Staking – a quick refresher

To remind you, progressive staking is an aggressive staking plan which looks to retrieve previous losses while also looking to earn a target profit amount per race. So, in theory at least, you never lose because you are making your target profit regardless of whether your horse wins or loses. Losses are added to the next bet, as well as your previously unmet profit target until a selection wins. I think an example will clarify things:

STEP 1: Specify a target profit per race: for our example I will use £10

STEP 2: start a cycle. A ‘cycle’ is a series of bets which ends when we find a winning selection

BET 1: Horse 1: target profit per race = £10 ODDS – 5/4

To win £10, I will need to stake £10 multiplied by 4 divided by 5 (odds reversed) = £8

STEP 3: If horse 1 wins, our cycle is ended. If horse 1 loses, we go to step 4 and start our loss retrieval

STEP 4: Horse 1 loses. We have lost £8 stake and we have not made our £10 target. We now go to BET 2

BET 2: Horse 2: Target profit per race = £10. We

must also look to win our lost stake of £8 and lost target profit on Horse 1 of £10. Total target for horse 2 is 10+10+8= £28.


To win £28, I will need to stake £28 multiplied by 1 divided by 1 = £28

HORSE 2 loses

Our cycle continues into bet 3, where we now look to win £8 lost stake for Horse 1, £28 lost stake for Horse 2, and target profit per race (for Horse 1, 2 and now 3) of £30.


To win £66, I will need to stake £66 multiplied by 4 divided by 7 = £38

HORSE 3 WINS. Our cycle ends. We win £38 stake multiplied by odds of 7/4 = £66.

We can now begin a new cycle.

Don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as the above may make it look. I hope you realise now that the keys to success with progressive staking are a robust and consistent selection strategy with a decent strike rate and a betting bank sufficient to allow for a losing run, as stakes will increase rapidly.

And here’s the good news…

This is where 5startipster really excels. Having tracked them since 1st October 2006, they have consistently provided me with multiple daily winners without fail. This ensures that cycles, like the one in the example above, end quickly! (A look at their results archive at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. will show you how many winners they select daily. I can vouch fully for these results being accurate and not exaggerated as they have provided me with email alerts long before the start of the day’s racing on a daily basis, and the results tally with the selections made in their email alerts.)

As far as the betting bank is concerned, 5startipster fall into the Gordon Brown category of prudence!

Their advice is to look to earn a target profit per race of your betting bank divided by 250. So, if our theoretical betting bank was £1,000, then we would be looking to make £1,000 divided by 250 = £4 target profit per race. Their accompanying ‘Punters Pal’ software ensures that this ideal target is made clear. This, of course, is a rolling figure. So, if the betting bank reaches £1,100, our target profit per race is what? Yes £1,100 divided by 250 = £4.40. Yes, another welcome return for our good friend compounding!

Any negatives?

The only downside to this service is that you must be in a position to be reactive ie. you must be able to react to previous race results in order to be able to see if a cycle is ended or if that cycle needs to continue into the next race. If you can do this, then I wholeheartedly recommend  as the service for you to use.

Of course, this type of service is what the cashmaster software was made for. You don’t need to splash out on the ‘Punter’s Pal’ progressive staking software. However, having seen it, I would recommend it in preference to cashmaster simply because it allows us to place bets in decimals as well as traditional fractions. It is also perfectly suited to the betting exchange user as it will automatically compensate for the typical 5% commission taken on all winning bets on Betfair.

So how can you get started? offer a free trial and will pay you £20 if you do not make any money in the first week. Even better, they have agreed preferential rates for readers of What Really Wins Money and will include their system software as a freebie. This software provides the progressive staking calculator for you so you don’t need to calculate stakes manually as I did in the above example.

Members can chose from 2 packages, the cheapest of which is £60 per month (tips Monday to Friday) and the second package is £100 per month covering the 7 days.

Use the promo code 5Star55 to signify you are a WRWM reader and claim your free staking calculator.

Finally, there is an alternative

Ok, so you may not want to spend £60 per month and that’s fair enough. With The Foundation System, however, I think we have found a great source of selections for progressive staking using odds of 4/6 and higher. There’s nothing stopping you generating your own selections this way and utilising a staking calculator like Cashmaster.