This one a day lay service (though there have been a few days with more than 1 lay) has provided a 100% record in the month since I last updated you. A very good performance! Lee seems to take a cautious approach so there are days where there are no bets but hey, you can only deal with the racing that’s given to you. I hope he can continue the excellent run. There have been some bigger prices amongst the lays which is worrying from a level stakes perspective because if one comes in (i.e. wins) it can take a lot out of the bank. That said, 100% record is about as good as it gets . . . so far!


Since I last updated you on Ken’s lay service they have only had 9 bets in the intervening period with lays who lost their races at SP’s of 2/1, 9/4, 7/4, 7/2, 5/2, 2/1, 13/2 and 2 winners, one at 10/3, and the other FinscaelBeo in the 1000 Guineas. A level stakes profit and predominantly short prices (and concomitant small liabilities), infrequent but profitable at present. Ken is another person who prides himself on customer service, and I hope this run can continue.


Another winning month for PaulRuffy continuesthe profits from this service – again no full-pageRacing Post adverts, just good monthly profits andlong may it continue.On the subject of each way betting, I have beenrecommended a couple more each way tipsters who Iwill be investigating in full. I was taken by theirrealistic profit claims – no not £100,000 per yearguaranteed or your money back, but turning £1,500betting bank into around £6K a year – this is realistic,low(ish) risk, and achievable – so watch out for this inthe next newsletter.It’s a slow process getting these folks on board but Ihope that, by seeking out quality, I can cherry pick thebest performers for you.


This is another service I came across by recommendation rather than through any advertising, and it looks to be a service with a future. So what’s on offer? ChrisBeek runs the service, and it would seem that he does actually have insider contacts at various stables. This information has generally been good and can result in some nice priced winners and placed horses if betting each way. Kachina Racing offers 3 different services, a service where clients pay £14.95 a month for tips, they are sent via text message to any UK mobile number and are sent between 8am and 10am on the days of bets. There are also 8 horses each month which are classed as Max Bets where the customer is asked to place £10 e/w or £20 win on the named horse when they ring the

Kachina Racing phone number. They get sent a statement at the end of each month of what bets they have taken and how much is due. The £14.95 is paid a month in advance and with the Max Bets losers are deducted from winnings. I must say I am not keen on the whole placement of bets for someone else and forwarding the winnings onto the tipster. I am glad to say that this is optional, although my contacts with ChrisBeek lead me to believe he runs a legitimate business and is trustworthy in this regard. Clients do not have to take every bet. They just simply ring the number if they want to take the bet and are under no obligation to do so, some people just pay £14.95 a year for the text bets. Kachina Racing also offer a gallop report service which is sent twice a week on a Thursday and Sunday. This gives details of gallops in Newmarket and advises horses to follow or to lay or even back during the week. This service is £5 a week and is very detailed. The final service is their main one and that is research reports. They research races daily and send over a report to clients, on average 10-15 races are covered daily and it gives horses worth backing, watching, noting and laying. They often advise forecasts and tricasts and they have big previews for all big premier handicaps and big grade 1 races. These reports have thrown up numerous high-priced winners. This costs £200 a month or £1,700 a year, working out at £7 a day or under £5 a day if bought annually. They have a few serious punters including big names who buy this service. As a current ‘bonus’ members get first subscription at 50% off, so £100 for first month or £850 for the year. Kachina Racing is also a bloodstock agent and they ‘go to all the leading sales representing owners and trainers wishing to purchase horses on their behalf, anyone wishing to get into ownership can pay us to find the right horse for them.’ They also produce detailed bloodstock reports on broodmares, so if you have a mare and are looking for a stallion they will research the perfect match and send you a report including how to get in touch with the studs, costs etc for £82 per mare. They also have a syndicate being formed this Winter for next season and people can get involved for around £800 for 10% and then £120 a month. I have only just begun my trial but early impressions are that it is a comprehensive and detailed service. The daily reports appear in pdf and, perhaps nitpicking a little, they are a bit open ended i.e. you will have to ultimately decide on which of the mentioned horses to follow. This is reminiscent of mathematician – betting’s service. A lot of detail but no real concrete signals to readers as to which horses to back or avoid. A minor detail though. The text service is particularly good value for money at present, and I have noted, from both the pdf daily reports and the tips some juicy priced winners. If the monthly text tips end in a loss then Kachina extend

the service free for another month – quite an incentive on their part to get it right! Previous results are available for inspection at www.kachinaracing.co.uk/previousresults.htm. I get a good feeling about this service and will monitor it to confirm whether my instincts are correct.


Good news! Nine out of the last 10 selections havebeen winners which could hint at a change of fortuneafter a dismal early display. It is about time that wesaw some consistency and I hope this will continue aswe enter some of the grand slams this summer. Again,the general prices chosen mean that these winning runsshould be the norm and not the exception. Winningruns at odds on prices are a necessity for long-termprofits. Even the smallest losing run at the priceschosen can be damaging

Handicap Power

From sportsworldpublishing, it is becoming increasingly apparent that this backing selection system just does not produce the goods. The general conclusion is, therefore, that this is one to steer clear of.

Money Vault

A look at eBay will tell you all you need to know about this system’s buyers’ frustrations at replicating the stated profits. £8,000 in the last 2 weeks – are you having a laugh? I have profited in 2 of the last 3 weekends (and the profits have been handsome) only to find that as I moved into the weekday meeting, all profits disappeared quickly. A very frustrating situation to be in, believe me after you’ve spent some hours at the weekend accumulating profits. This has happened so often that it saps confidence. Why, then, can we not duplicate the system seller’s results? I wish I knew. The general principles do stand up, but it is their application in the real world that can

lead to grey areas. The manual, for me, would better serve its customers by showing actual examples of qualifying bets, and show us different scenarios e.g. non-runners and what to do when The Sun only price up 4 out of say 12 horses in one race. There is absolutely nothing on race type within this manual either. Some races are so competitive and difficult to fathom that any perceived market movers cannot be backed with confidence. For those of you interested in follow the money principles, you can get your hands on The Money Vault on eBay at a greatly reduced price. I don’t know for how much longer my patience will hold out with this particular form of the ‘follow the money’ system, but I will continue to monitor it until such time as I feel a phone call to the Samaritans coming on.

BOTTOM LINE – I initially thought The Money Vault could live up to the hype and achieve the profit targets put forth in the marketing, but it has consistently let me down week after week and reduced my profits to rubble on 3 separate occasions. I am sure there is a grain of something here, and I will continue with it in the hope that any changes I can make to the system can increase its ability to hold on to profits and produce more consistency.

The Saver

Part of The Legacy and Saver, the latter has been consistent again this month. There have been no long losing runs at all, although selections have dried up in the last few days. I am still waiting for the long losing run, but this has not occurred yet, and when used in conjunction with the safebetplan it has made me profit again this month. Since October 2006, it has been a model of consistency, and if past results can be duplicated in the future, long-term profit is assured, especially when used in conjunction with a good staking plan.


Racing Unlocked

From the desk of StephenBrooke, you can’t havemissed the launch of this e-book. But is there anysubstance to it? Well there could be!The laying aspectof the manual focuses predominantly on handicapraces, and this in itself is a good sign, but I have, in allhonesty, covered laying in handicap races in full, andthe essence of the system in this e-book is there in myprevious articles. That said, MrBrookes has perhapstidied up the methodology and provided us with a stepby-step format for finding reasonably short pricedhorses to lay in competitive handicaps.I am looking forward to trying this system out,buoyed by my own feelings that handicap races are

ideal betting mediums for the layer and we can lay with a certain degree of confidence in these race types thanks to their inherent competitive nature. The back system effectively mirrors the lay strategy and is not restricted solely to handicap races. I have yet to try it out, but again it is simplistic and could work. All of the usual common sense elements of a backing system are included such as restricting race size, bias towards course and distance winners and so forth – all pretty much common sense. I would be interested in finding out whether the selection strategy is of sufficient strength to allow for progressive staking, as he recommends ( along with other more traditional staking strategies). These are my initial thoughts – eletter readers may have noticed I mistakenly thought the backing system was solely handicap based. I’m glad to report it is not – backing in handicaps is difficult enough at the best of times! MrBrookes likes to find niches in betfair with which to exploit – and this is a good idea to follow – primarily because it focuses the mind on one element rather than many and thus increases the chances of you becoming proficient in one area rather than a jack-of-all- trades.

BOTTOMLINE: Like I said, my articles on handicap races and laying contains the essence of the laying system in racing unlocked. The backing system is simplistic and contains an amalgamation of some other familiar backing strategies. That’s not to say it won’t work! I’ll be putting both through their paces in the upcoming month and will let you how each progresses.

One-a-day backing I am keen to find a one a day backing servicebecause it will serve those who have to work duringracing and the only one I have come across thus far isnapoftheday. They operate via a 1/2/3 point stakingplan based upon strength of selection. Mymathematical friend has devised a staking plan whichs adaptable to your own needs regards exposure to risk, and has produced a profit last year usingnapoftheday. I must say there have been some longlosing runs with attendant increases in stakes butoverall the service produced a profit whenimplemented with the staking plan I have had devisedfor me. It is in its rough format but I am more thanwilling to pass it on to you (it uses excel spreadsheets)– I must stress I have absolutely no connection withnapoftheday or their service and cannot, of course,vouch for future performance. Similarly, the stakingplan is wholly independent of the service they provideso do not go asking them questions about it. With aweekly subscription of less than a tenner, I would

advise this option for those who want to dip their toes in the water and trial selections with our unique staking plan available exclusively only here: www.napoftheday.co.uk. I am going to try to come up with my own napoftheday service following the 1/2/3 point structure and the staking plan. I may beta test next month so stay tuned!


A slight loss on the month with The Pinnacle System, I will continue to monitor as I believe the system has an element of logic about the selections criteria.

New Dimension Laying System

Fresh into my inbox, I am keen to get going with this laying system. Initially it would seem that the system selects roughly one a day and purports to have a 90+% strike rate which is ideal. I’ll keep you updated via eletter and newsletter

Quick Cash Lay Syatem

One I’ve procured from Streetwise Marketing,again with claims that need investigation. Again, onlyjust arrived in my inbox, if I can get this to replicateauthor’s results you will be the fist to find out.

Will You be One of my Betting System Testers?

This is an opportune time to ask for testers. I have been generally disappointed with the performances of the backing systems I have come across (hence they are conspicuous by their absence here in the round up) and I personally feel that we should be using the synergy of group in order to help us broaden our nets and actually get more systems looked at, both back and lay, and trading, and financials and greyhounds and tennis and football and tiddlywinks. ! I am therefore looking for individuals within the readership who want the opportunity to look at one of the hottest products out there which they will get sent for free, with the caveat that they provide me with updated weekly results regarding profit and loss on excel preferably or via email. I can include not just systems but tipsters as well, and if they make some dosh then that’s an added bonus. I have seen the impact of reader testing after the handicap power. It was clear early on that the testers did a superb job and we quickly concluded that this was not a workable plan. It obviously saved other readers from forking out on the system. So this is my plea to you here. As you can see, I get the most up to date systems and have the contacts to get you what you want to be reviewed, but I do need help to ensure I’m not working 24 hours a day. I cannot possibly cover everything and some systems may not get the thorough testing that you expect. Using the synergy of the group, we can achieve a greater level of testing, and you get to see and try out the systems YOU are interested in without the expense of buying them. So email me today at whatreallywins@yahoo.co.uk. While mentioning the email address, I must apologise to those of you waiting for replies. I have a mountain of emails to work through and will get to yours eventually. I am not ignoring you!