GOOD RESULTS FROM JOHN BUDDEN: a reader has kept me informed of the great results from Budden. He is delighted by % profit total and the quality of his infrequent bets – I say infrequent only to emphasise the quality over quantity method Mr Budden seems to employ

With a connection to Musselburgh racecourse and previous journalistic experience, I believe this could be a tipster worth following. As always I must sound a word of caution that past results can in no way reflect future performance but with our reader’s level stake profit to £100 stakes of £1,050 in 3 months, and a further profit since, he is more than happy

From 46 bets tracked thus far over 4 months, there have been 19 winners, and 10 placed horses. These results span early December to present and bearing in mind the winter month’s are notoriously difficult, this is a good sign. John Budden’s service is priced at £109 for the full year and is available from Offices 133, 28 Elm Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4RR tel 08000193154.

RICHARD MARK – NOT QUITE ON TARGET! A football tipster still to avoid I’m afraid based on current form (he is the Sunderland of football tipsters – he keeps losing!)

JOHN MCCRACKEN WARNING! I feel I must start with a quick warning regarding John McCracken and his recent altruistic offer to make us all millionaires in a few years. I only know he has our financial wellbeing at heart, but I must sound a word of caution regarding Mr McCracken’s past and why he has been banned from courses throughout the UK. It is not down do his Midas touch and ability to pick winners again and again, but rather a more sinister reason. Mr McCracken, it is alleged, has been involved in race fixing involving a number of horses. He has also had links with high profile jockeys, one of which is Mattie Batchelor. He seems to see this as a selling point, but alleged involvement in horse doping does not sit well with me!

Mr McCracken’s unwillingness to appear before a Jockey Club hearing resulted in this nationwide ban being imposed. From a personal perspective, I could not trust this type of person, regardless of whether the allegations are true or not.


Having received the results database for March, I was not enamoured to see the number of “L’s” (indicating losers), amongst the selections. This guy is supposed to be a professional tipster, yet with a couple of systems of my own, I’m getting 14/1 placed horses regularly, and my losing runs do not last into double figures. Staking plan to the rescue again? Well, let’s take a look. Being unwilling to allow me to track their service via their daily update, I am unable to verify the authenticity of the prices quoted on the spreadsheet I receive. I suspect some of the prices are a lot lower in the real world due to market forces amongst other things.

The Isiris Version: I had an inkling that the prices I was being supplied for results were unrealistic in the context of the live betting market, and from a customer’s point of view. Using Isiris’ prices, we could have reached a heady £18000 before plummeting to £13,000 as of the beginning of April, a profit on the month of £3000+.

The SP Version: A totally different picture emerges when I use the actual starting prices. Let’s take a couple of instances. One that stands out is Lucky Luck who Isiris put down ,and calculated as a winner at 14/1, when the actual starting price was 3/1. Whether you were quick enough to get bigger odds I don’t know. Whether the price was available at 14/1 I don’t know, but what I do know is that profits suddenly do not appear as spectacular as Isiris had led me to believe. We actually only reached £11500 and plummeted to a figure lower than when we started on March 1st.

Personally, the SP figure will be more closer the mark, and I will ensure this is done in future rather than the unrealistic prices at Isiris.

THE TRADING POST – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR FOOTIE TRADERS! I’ve been tracking this service now for some time and have been very impressed with the analysis provided on weekend and midweek selected football matches. As you may realise, this is my preferred method of involvement in single games (apart from the HTB style system I follow as referred to in last month’s newsletter) especially in running games. The Trading Post focuses on one or two matches in particular and offer a trading strategy singular to those games. Let me give you a recent example:

“Liverpool V Bolton: 9th April: FA Premier League:

Bolton travel the short distance to Anfield chasing a second consecutive European slot. However they are having real problems at present on the road. During the last month, Sam Allardyce’s side have lost away games to Middlesbro’(3-4), West Ham(1-2), Newcastle(1-3) and perhaps most embarrassing of all, Birmingham on Monday night, 1-0. The wheels have fallen off at exactly the wrong time for Big Sam and he will be keen to shore up his defensive side of his team before anything else.

Liverpool, on the other hand, are in a rich vein of goal-scoring form as they have scored a staggering 20 goals in only four games after struggling to find the net in their previous nine. The strikers finally seem to have located the net and it will be of a major concern to Bolton that they are playing so well at present. Benitez’s primary objective is to hold on to third place in the Premiership but he will also be keen to bring some silverware back to Anfield and he may well rest a couple of players to get them ready for FA Cup clash with Chelsea on the 22nd.

The general cognoscenti believe that Liverpool’s goal-scoring problems are a thing of the past but I believe that Allardyce will set his stall up by making his team difficult to break down with two banks of five and this will set Liverpool a problem. Gerrard will return from suspension, probably at the expense of Djibril Cisse and the Reds midfielder is THE driving influence and even though Liverpool were in cruise control for the West Brom game, his invention was sorely missed in the second half when Liverpool really should have put the Baggies to the sword. We’re going to go against the general consensus of opinion here and back the “under 2.5 goals” and then trade out after around 30-35 minutes.

Recommendation: BACK the “under 2.5 goals” and then trade out after 30-35 minutes.”

The game finished 1-0 to Liverpool, and is typical of the successes I’ve had with this service. Trading Post is a subscription publication and costs:

1 month: 30GBP

3 months: 81GBP (10% discount)

6 months: 150GBP (15% discount)

12 months:250 (20% discount)

Individual copies can be purchased at £10 per copy. Available at

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I haven’t experienced a losing trade so far, although Milan v Lyon was a close shave with 2 very late goals! The synopsis on the matches is usually spot on. Of course, I have always emphasised research and more research, and there is nothing stopping us taking a lesson from this service – ie concentrate on one or 2 matches, probably in the premier league and look at recent results trends for both teams, note who’s home and away and check out their respective stats for home/away matches.

This service does use the “lay the draw and reverse out when a goal is scored – hopefully by the favourite” tool effectively. We can do the same without paying, but if you want someone else to do the research, The Trading Post is the service I would recommend for betting exchange football traders.