Yes, this week I got a glimpse into how the jet set multimillionaire’s live.

TUESDAY – no electricity or broadband

WEDNESDAY – no broadband

THURSDAY – still no broadband and now no car (fan belt snaps in the lovely Irish Countryside)

FRIDAY – M.O.T and writing this while waiting in a café with some toast and tea.

I can imagine this is a typical week for your Beckham’s and your Michael Owen’s.

You’ll be reading about me in Hello magazine soon – I have sold them the exclusive rights to photographs of me with my M.O.T. certificate.

A week that will live short in the memory I think, and a week that begins November, the year’s anniversary of the one bet a day philosophy. Well the 2nd year proper has started very well, but with heavy ground and soft ground in the horse racing, I have been chosing my bets from the over 1.5 goal market in the football. Simply put, if there is one goal and the game is in running, then I can profit. 2 goals and of course the bet is a winner.

If you have been following the one a days (and why not, it’s a slow burner but makes good money over a year) then you can add this as a strategy in helping find that one solid bet a day to profit from. 100% so far in November and I hope this will continue into 2010.

Elsewhere, well work has been curtailed a little this week, but I have been trialing a couple of new systems to add to simply the best which I spoke about last week.

Anthony Greenway, the man behind the Smoke and Mirrors system which I found so impressive, has released The Lay Master. If it’s as good as Smoke and Mirrors, well you’ll be the first to know. The odds chosen for laying are of the type I want to see in a laying system i.e. nice and short. This means level stakes lay betting is possible and liabilities don’t become a concern.

More to follow on this one.

Elsewhere it has been a little quiet, bar the usual £29 eBooks which have been affiliated to high heaven. The latest is www.bflegend.com and I’m afraid I am still boycotting these. I simply wait a week or 2, then see if there is any feedback online. If you do fall for the template websites and promises that have been recounted a thousand times, then make sure you pay by clickbank, because you will probably be wanting a refund sharpish.
This is an important element to look for. For example, Sportsworld Publishing doesn’t seem to offer a refund, whereas all clickbank products have a refund policy always in place. So do remember this. I have a few Sportsworld products on test so will pass on my findings after a decent trial period.

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Onto the U.S of A….


November sees some fireworks from across the pond – yes the Breeders Cup is upon us for another year, and I must admit that I really enjoy these big meetings because the horses are all quality, the races are all strong, and the racing opinions from the journos are generally worth following. Nick Mordin, well known racing journalist, is usually employed as “Spotlight” in the Racing Post specifically for the Breeders Cup and over the years his opinions have been worth following. I suppose his stance towards speed ratings comes into its own with American racing.

If this meeting interests you, then take advantage of all of the free information available at sites such as www.attheraces.co.uk who have dedicated a microsite specific to the Breeders Cup.

Do note that the 16/1 system seems to be effective at this meeting as the markets are strong . I’m looking forward to it and I’m sure there’s a profit or 2 to have. It all kicks off tonight so if you don’t fancy getting cold and wet by the bonfire, then tune in!

Aiden O’Brien, the Irish maestro, begins his assault with Lilly Langtry at a punctual 908pm this evening.


Despite what my nephews and nieces might say, I was not around for David v Goliath – the original battle, but I am certainly looking forward to David Haye v “Goliath” Valuev, the 7 foot beast from Russia. Odds of 2.34 on Betfair for Valuev look, erm, Value to me.

Also, Valuev and Haye to win in all rounds can be dutched to a decent profit.E.g Valuev to win round one can be backed as well as Haye to win round one.

This can be followed through rounds 2 to 12 because the odds are bigger than 24 for each round ( 2 x 12 rounds)£100 stake, for example, returns £67 if Valuev or Haye are knocked out in rounds 1 to 12.

The bet will lose if the match goes the full 12 rounds resulting in a points decision for either boxer.

This is a bet I will seriously consider this weekend. It’s gonna be a cracker!

I’m off now to continue my lifestyle of the rich and famous by collecting my car from the M.O.T. department, and then going to Tesco’s!!

Have a great weekend,

Clive Keeling