Yes, those lily white dodgepots Spuds (sorry I mean Spurs!) managed to cock up a first half against some other dodgepot Danish side in the UEFA Cup yesterday, but were there any clued-up punters out there who sniffed an opportunity?

Yes, the mighty Spurs, with England’s Number, er, 3 or 4 now, Paul “D’oh!” Robinson, were 1/6 on to win yesterday’s match against Aab (who? – exactly!). They actually went 2-0 down. I hope my earlier articles on backing ultra shorties at enhanced odds triggered some of you to take the odds on offer for a Spurs victory – a 1/6 shot trading near, and over evens! Yes please, and we have ALL of the 2nd half remaining – final result? 3-2 to the Spuds. Quite unbelievable, and the kind of bet which I term an ” in the hope that……………” bet.

Elsewhere readers of the blog will no doubt be picking themselves up off the floor as another MUG PUNTER accumulator I tried went south. This reinforces, surely, the idea that constructing an accumulator should only be done if you can lay it via Betfair’s Multiples facility. 3 accas this week gone all Derby County on me! So be a bookmaker instead of a mug punter.


Yes this week heralds the, yawn, release of 2 Steven EBrOOKeS opuses on the bleedin’ obvious. One is called the zero-zero which will no doubt (blah blah blah) shake the betting world to its very foundations (pauses to phone Samaritans) and the other is his great exchange blueprint.

He is a serial re-writer of stuff he’s already mentioned in long gone and forgotten ebooks, I looked through the exchange blueprint sales page (in between having my teeth removed with pliers to numb the pain of the ordeal.)

You can’t keep a good man down (well good at writing ebooks).

Yes EBrOOKeS returns with this new exchange blueprint, proclaiming

“”… Tired of Useless Trading and Useless Laying systems…? Well so Am I. This is NOT what you think …”

Yes, you get a FREE s on the word Useless – that’s the kind of guy he is! What Mr EBrOOKeS doesn’t tell you is that these useless trading and useless laying systems have almost exclusively been provided by him, sometimes 2 or 3 a week. As to the results? £16 to £5 stakes he proclaims, but doesn’t tell you, yet again, that you cannot work this, or, indeed, any of his racing systems, without following the live betting market.

Have you “Spent hundreds of pounds on useless systems which never worked.”

Of course I have – I am on your email list!

The poor boy’s even losing track about which system he’s marketing this time

“This means that there is plenty of time, every single day, for profit making. Most systems require you to have betting bots. For the Trading Formula, all you need is an internet connection!”

Trading Formula? – that was an old ebook of yours Stephen, my old chum – keep up eh!

“The Exchange Blueprint System will seriously revolutionize the Betting industry, especially regarding the Betting Exchanges.”

But I thought Betfair Revolution did that, and laying storm, laying impact, etc etc, as its name might suggest! Can you imagine the betting industry being rocked by an, ahem £37 ebook from the mighty EBrOOKeS himself!

Of course this system is only being sold to 100 people, BUT “Did you create this system? Yes. I came up with the idea myself and the reason I’m selling it is because even if 1000 other people make use of the methods… it’s not going to affect me making money from it. I’ve been asked by countless people how exactly I make my money on Betfair – this is going to show you!” You’ll be pleased to hear that these “countless people” have now been caught and strait jackets have been fitted.

So I guess you know what to do by now! Oh, it’s £37 again! This is becoming a regular occurrence now and has been for some time now. He actually poo-poos his previous systems and offers you a new way to make millions on Betfair. I’ve had enough, I don’t know about you. I just hope EBrOOKeS moves into romantic novels, a la Barbara Cartland in the New Year. He certainly has the imagination for it.

The clues are there – a hastily put together sales page – get affiliate chums on board – no testimonials, and if there are testimonials they are from his affiliate buddies who are in on the act. So please don’t email me anymore asking if I’ve tested an EBrOOKeS masterpiece because I am not bothering with any of his gubbins – it’s amazing the short memories people have – the vast majority of his previous efforts have been gimmicky or variations on the same theme, re wrapped, repackaged and resold, and there’s nothing that a) you can’t figure out yourself and b) is not available elsewhere, be it from me, or on the internet. Nuff said! LOOK OUT! I’ve been trailing a lay system that looks like it is really delivering. I’ve got my hands on the performance figure for the whole of 2007 and it looks like a starting bank of £1,000 on 5th January has grown to – get this – £111,587!  I am just waiting for the latest results to go online and I’ll tell you more about it very soon . . .

With the jumps season upon us, recent days have proved frustration with each way bets finishing 4th or being pulled up or falling. And if you feel frustrated, spare a thought for jockey Barry ” we can rebuild him ” Fenton. He’s got enough metal in him to be a transformer! Barry has broken his left fibula and tibula this week. Add that to his previous 2 broken noses (no he doesn’t have 2 noses – he broke his one nose twice!), Fractured eye socket, 38 stitches to his ear, right collar bone broken 3 times, left collar bone broken 3 times, broken shoulder blade, sternum, ribs, right femur and 3 previous leg fractures, and things don’t seem that bad for your lost stake after all. It must take him an age to go through airport security!


I was up late last night having a butchers at Texas Hold Em on Betfair Games as well as dipping into the Burt Baccarat again to see if my system still help true – which it did and I grabbed my daily target – very pleasing. With the baccarat, I would avoid the end of sessions where cards are reduced as this can bring up anomalies and if I were to operate the system mentioned in the newsletter, I would start in the middle of a session. As to the Texas hold ’em, I had a flash of inspiration yesterday. Here’s what I came up with – it’s in its infancy so is not fully fleshed out. There are 4 hands in exchange games hold em – agreed? Now if we want to lay 4 hands, we have 4 choices – hands 1,2,3 and 4.

The equivalent bet to laying 1 hand is backing 3 hands.

Laying hand 1 is the same as backing hands 2,3 and 4
Laying hand 2 is the same as backing hands 1,3 and 4
Laying hand 3 is the same as backing hands 1,2 and 4
Laying hand 4 is the same as backing hands 1,2 and 3

Now there is a level playing field at the beginning of each game where the odds are, generally, 3.98, for all 4 hands. Now, being above 3 means we can back 3 hands to level stakes and still make a profit. What I tried yesterday was to introduce an element of randomness into my decision making process regarding which 3 hands to back initially. I simply wrote out our 4 options, 2,3,4, then 1,3,4, then 1,2,4, then 1,2,3 on 4 separate pieces of paper. I put these 4 pieces of paper in an envelope and selected one at random. These would be the hands I would back. This randomness offers us the power to make decisions without umming and aahing. The next step is to wait until hands are dealt, and odds change accordingly. If the odds for the hand we haven’t backed increase above 4.1, then we can trade and produce a green screen I did it with £10 stakes meaning the most I could lose is £30, BUT trading between hands enabled me to create green screens and also cut losses.

Yes I produced a profit, and I look on this as a potential system to be used to get your one-day target a la Tefal Head – dip in, get the target, and get out! You will surmise that luck plays a huge part in all of this, and there’s no getting away from it, but having, randomly, 3 out of 4 hands covered, probability is on our side. I will do this again, capture on video, or create an article for whatreallywinsmoney.com next week. It may spark something in you. For me, the key to exchange games is TRADING, and not betting. Find a trading angle and you can increase your chances of profitability. Also visit www.betfair.com‘s forum -the exchange games part – you can gain some great ideas, ideas which the mighty EBrOOKeS hasn’t yet turned into a “Black Box” or a “Betfair Secret”

After my fill of EBrOOKeS, I’m hoping to watch the Brook this weekend as she clings to Strictly come dancing survival, although with the sad death of her father, I might not be seeing Kelly on the Telly this weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend