Following a ‘tortoise and not the hare’ philosophy is building my betting bank up slowly. The initial £500 betting bank is some £726 at present using Maria’s careful staking plan. I’m happy with this figure although it is taking a long while (I must remember to be patient – compounding ensures the rewards).

I am using my handicap lay system in conjunction with a couple of others, and will monitor the WILLIAM CLARKE back bets to see if they can be incorporated into my laying plan. I will begin a laylog pretty soon I think, and full details will follow in the next e-letter. This laylog can enable me to detail the laybets from a variety of lay systems I use. I will also use the laylog to experiment with the Sanatogens – one-a-day bets which I hope will prove effective enough for the straight £50 to be made in one hit! This, I’m sure will be welcome news to a lot of readers.

I will use Kris Jackman’s lay manual (see review) as my foundation for this, as well as some personal judgement, and I am excited by the prospects. I have every confidence that I will be able to select one horse a day that can lose, and my goal is 100% strike rate. Naturally these Sanatogen bets will not be in keeping with Maria’s slow and steady philosophy.