Cashbooster is the latest horse racing system release from SportsWorld Publishing. Their betting systems have certainly not given me too much of a cash boost in the past… but is that all about to change?

Cashbooster is the creation of Mr and Mrs Craft from Manchester. They purport to have a 54% strike rate and great level stakes profits.

So what’s involved?

Well, for £75, I expect more than about 3 pages for my money… but I suppose it’s the quality of information and not the quantity that’s important in this case.

The rules are extremely simple to understand and you will be left in no doubt when a selection appears. The system is reminiscent of the old “fit, 7 please turn over fancied and in form” method of systems past.

So how has the system performed during my initial trials? Well, I would love to tell you but there have, from my perspective, been no selections that meet the strict criteria. This is largely down to the price cap placed on selections.

Interestingly enough though, if we ignore the price cap, there have been 3 winners at 6/1 and one at 11/2 (UPDATE – as I write another at 8/1 has popped home!) from the handful of selections so far. This is of great interest if it can be sustained. Indeed, I will monitor ALL qualifiers in the future but I suspect the Crafts have incorporated their price cap for a reason!

The system, I am led to believe, will come into its own as the Winter All Weather Flat season gets into gear. In fact this is borne out in the results provided in PDF format on SportsWorld Publishing’s website at

It must be said there are only a handful of bets per month, with a pronounced increase during the winter months. Most recently, from May to the end of July there have been only 11 selections – of which 7 won, and 3 were second.

Having an Everest of Racing Posts has enabled me to actually back check claimed winners. So do the published results ring true?

Well, I am happy to report, that in all cases, winners are as stated and meet the full selection criteria! What a welcome relief! My cynicism in this industry has taken a battering with that good news!

Bottom line

Before you consider forking out a (relatively) hefty £75 for this system, I would ask you to hold fire until the all weather flat season has kicked off. That’ll give me and my team of men in white coats (and Kelly Brook in a white bikini) time to report back to you via the eletter and next month’s newsletter.

If past results can be replicated then we could have a nice little system on our hands here. The problem with systems though, it must be said, is that basing criteria on what has happened in the past can comeback to bite you on the behind.

That said, the Cashbooster’s contention to follow those who are “fit, fancied and in form”, coupled with the fact that the bets are few and far between (which hints that we are looking at quality above quantity) augurs well for long-term level stakes have profits. It only remains for me to prove that to you in the coming winter months. So be patient! Don’t buy yet and stay tuned! It might just pay!