This is an opportune time to ask for testers. I have been generally disappointed with the performances of the backing systems I have come across (hence they are conspicuous by their absence here in the round up) and I personally feel that we should be using the synergy of group in order to help us broaden our nets and actually get more systems looked at, both back and lay, and trading, and financial and greyhounds and tennis and football and tiddlywinks. ! I am therefore looking for individuals within the readership who want the opportunity to look at one of the hottest products out there which they will get sent for free, with the caveat that they provide me with updated weekly results regarding profit and loss on excel preferably or via email. I can include not just systems but tipsters as well, and if they make some dosh then that’s an added bonus. I have seen the impact of reader testing after the handicap power. It was clear early on that the testers did a superb job and we quickly concluded that this was not a workable plan. It obviously saved other readers from forking out on the system.

So this is my plea to you here. As you can see, I get the most up to date systems and have the contacts to get you what you want to be reviewed, but I do need help to ensure I’m not working 24 hours a day I cannot possibly cover everything and some systems may not get the thorough testing that you expect. Using the synergy of the group, we can achieve a greater level of testing, and you get to see and try out the systems YOU are interested in without the expense of buying them.

So email me today at While mentioning the email address, I must apologise to those of you waiting for replies. I have a mountain of emails to work through and will get to yours eventually. I am not ignoring you!