Yes, I’ve been firing off emails this week (well as many as the fecking broadband in Ireland will let me without becoming as slow as Teddy Sheringham with a hangover!

I have, in fact, contacted my showbiz pal Anne Robinson, the Watchdog veteran, to investigate my broadband problems and have told my provider if they don’t sort it out, I will send them a photo of Anne Robinson first thing in the morning! If they do sort it out I will send them a picture of Kelly Brook first thing in the morning – a delightful sight!)

I have procured a copy of Computapik’s betting system. It is extremely simple, as the title “Simple System” would suggest, although I suppose it could be a system created for Simpletons? It’s a system that can be backtracked so will create no problems as far as checking the results on the website is concerned and noting present and future profitability. Operated by Tony Levine, I am convinced he is a genuine and honest guy, and at £39, the system is nice and cheap (but why not £37 – the magic Stephen EBrOOKeS figure?) and I’m looking forward to trialling it. I always like giving the genuine folk some “air time” if their products are reasonably costed and, most importantly, make a consistent and long term profit.

Without giving too much away, it’s another stop at a winner system, which could, I suppose, be easily operated without the need to follow the live market. I am hopeful that this one will produce a trouble free profit, and will definitely keep you informed in the next newsletter.

www.business-opportunity-review.co.uk seem now to be shelving their unbiased nature and joining with some of the betting systems and products which they feel deliver the goods, and it is with this in mind that I have received an avalanche of emails about the Coffee Break Millionaire (Mr Makusa Mr Makusa as the irritating spotty work experience bloke in the Kenco ads would say!). This system is also known as Quick Cash and Lazy Lays (www.lazylayukb.co.uk), and has been heavily marketed by the big boys.

Because of the date restrictions in using the system I didn’t really get into it. Earlier back testing (to get a feel for it, rather than gain any accurate results – it is difficult to back test lay systems because there are no accurate past Betfair records regarding price and we cannot really determine the Betfair live price from the SP -this would be pure guess work) proved it to be an easy to follow lay system which focussed on the all weather. I have testers on it and hope to hear from them (clears throat, hint hint) in the near future so I can share the findings with you.

My only concern with lay systems that are aggressively marketed is that the price may be affected in qualifying races. If many more people than is normal are focussing on laying the one qualifying horse from a mechanical betting system, then surely there will be an attendant effect on the price. Many layers = higher odds. I’ll have to check this out myself.

Incidentally, there’s perhaps something to learn from the above in so far as being a successful layer is concerned (I told Kelly Brook I was a successful layer but she still wouldn’t leave Billy Zane!) It’s a simple case of focus.

As you see with the above system, I mentioned the All weather was its main area of focus, and within the all weather, it focussed again on specific information. Focussing on the few and not the many, and making one area of horse racing, or football, your primary area of “specialisation” will really pay dividends.

I do like the ease with which selections are found but will have to update you at a later date as to the profit -that’s the key after all!

Interestingly, www.laycrazy.com seem to use the exact system for their short price lays (although they include odds on shots) – you may like to inspect the results there to get an overview regarding performance – but ignoring the odds on shots. (thanks to the reader who pointed this out!) If this is true, then the laycrazy selections should come from exclusively all weather meetings.

Yes I know I shouldn’t mention Stephen EBrOOKeS, Nobel prize for literature winner for the last 3 years for his titles “Betfair Voodoo Storm”, Laying Revolutionary Storm Impact”, “Mach 3 Turbo Fusion Lay System (with free Gillette shaver)” and Lay Genius Impact Storm Revolution Voodoo” but I received an email from a reader saying that www.thefootballmaestro.com was making him money, and it was free. Now I dismissed it earlier because the selections are a little too obvious – you can hardly be christened a professional football tipster for putting Real Madrid and Barcelona in a double, both 1/5 shots. I wouldn’t be cheeky enough to call these “tips” but, hey if it makes money it makes money, and old EBrOOKeS looks to be the man (or machine!) behind it -it’s free as well.

The other football tipsters suffer too, from a case of the bleedin obviousitis, and the only thing it seems to me which separates them from the everyday football punter, is that they have the nerve to charge for their opinion. I won’t name names just yet, but I would urge you to look at sites such as www.betdevil.com -they do have a free service and offer comprehensive ratings based analysis and read the Racing and Football Outlook or even the Racing Post’s football pages on a Saturday if you want Free(ish) opinion on which to, erm, base your opinion!

The key to the football maestro would seem to be in the coupling of short priced bets into a double to enhance returns. It works for the reader who contacted me, so I can’t fault it if it makes the moolah!

Back to old EBrOOKeS, and I was right about Racing Voodoo, or whatever he’s called it (thesaurus for Mr EBrOOKeS!) -it was a trading system which used the pre race and live market (and thanks to the reader who forwarded the Voodoo) – again I would have had to get the swear jar out if I had bought this system. I have been harping on about the same tactic for years in my blogs and, again, wouldn’t bother selling it for £37! Cheeky bar steward! If you want help sussing out the system, get in touch.

Well, I’ve just returned from London for a meeting with he who must be obeyed and we chatted at length about an internet presence for What Really Wins Money, to give the newsletter additional impetus and urgency and give readers more insights into the workings of systems by way of video downloads, and he promised me his team of IT boffins called “Emily” are working round the clock on it. I’m looking forward to it, because apart from the weekly eletters (which can’t cover everything) there’s no other way to update you immediately.

A good example would have been the scam Derek Thompson email that was doing the rounds. I had to wait til eletter day to tell you it was a scam, and really in situations like this, time really is (lost) money!

To be honest, I will have to become a Zen Monk who lives off 3 minutes sleep a day but the work will be worth it. I’m sussing out camtasia as I write (and you thought only women could multitask!) so will soon have a library of videos which will bring the written word into moving pictures. Of course there will be a dedicated Kelly Brook section on the site (erm, Clive, I don’t remember discussing this – The Ed) (Shut up Ed – Clive) where Kelly will be discussing her best tips for the day (although I’m not sure whether these tips will involve betting, but who cares!)

It will really bring an enhancement to the newsletter and clarify those areas where words can’t really explain the systems/ processes.


I have been pleased, I must say, with the each way part of the blog http://www.back-lay-trade-horsesfootball.blogspot.com – when the horses don’t win, they generally place which allows stakes to be returned, or at the very least, losses to be minimised, until a winner arrives. Focussing (again that word focus!) on just betting forecast analysis and 3 each way selections a day allow me to be strict in my shortlist and hopefully ensure quality over quantity. If this continues, it will make a worthy article, although I have covered the betting forecast before, because I would rather you be able to do this yourself and through constant repetition (as seen in the daily blog selections) I hope you will see a pattern emerging as far as my thinking behind selections is concerned.

So pop along, have a read, look at previous days a-you might learn something! And don’t forget the curse of the Keeling – now I’ve mentioned the successes, it’s all going to collapse like a Derby County defence against Arsenal! Remember, use Betfair and split stakes between the place and win only market to replicate each way betting.

With this place/win split, I remembered reading how one system seller, Ian Galbraith (who’s very methodical and statistically based) selected horses and weighted the money 80/20 – 80% on the place only and 20% on the win. His contention was that certain favourites place a high percentage of the time and at least we can garner a small profit or minimise losses by loading up the place only bet. I put this forward as someone out there may be able to put it to good use. Check out your own selection system – do a lot of your selections place? This could be something I can use with my each way selections mentioned above in the blog?

Well, that’s me for another eletter – it’ll be Strictly Come Dancing for me with the old instant playback when guess who’s on the dance floor (no not Brucy Bonus! – good game good game!) and this may have to overshadow the Arse versus Man Utd this weekend (what chance an under 2.5 goal trade here – I feel it in my waters!)

Have a great weekend!