A recent selection of the WInners to Losers laying system will test the patience of any user of the system to level stakes
Gallantry won its race at odds of 20/1 ( imagine the odds on BEtfair!)
Now this would have severely impacted on any betting bank, but would have been a negligible loss if using advised fixed liability staking .

Now you have to decide whether you are willing to stick with this system -it would seem that we have to stay with this system over the long term, and consistently, to see a profit.
There may be (and usually ,based on past years, will be!) losing months and a time when there will be a big points loss.
Personally, I am not willing to put my money with this system despite its reputation.
I really am not comfortable laying at silly odds on BEtfair – imagine laying Gallantry to fixed liability – your potential profit ( given such a huge price) would be pointless and unworthy of the risk, EVEN IF IT WAS CONTROLLED
http://www.winnerstolosers.com/2009.htm provides results which should be updated on a regular basis.