Again, today’s one selection mirrors yesterdays.
Sharps Gold looks to be the qualifier today, and an early price of 7.5 is now standing at 14.
It is my contention here that the drift in price is solely down to the fact this horse is a Winners To Losers qualifier and does not reflect the horse’s actual chances in the race.
So what does this mean to me?
Well, surely, backing these horses each way on Betfair only represents a huge value bet if the odds look to have unnaturally doubled ?
From a layers perspective, we are simply getting no value with these Winners to Losers selections at all.

So surely the value here is in BACKING the selection and not necessarily laying the selection?
Laying with a fixed liability means that our potential returns are severely curtailed by this unnatural drift in price.

The only way to overcome this is to make sure you do your Winners to Losers selection strategy as soon as the racing post is online and ensure you are at the head of the market.
If you are able to do this, well, surely this affords a great trading opportunity.
Imagine, as in the last couple of days, if you had managed to get on at 7.5 to lay. The price to back the horse now is 13.5 and a fantastic trading opportunity has organically presented itself!

This is the problem with heavily marketed laying systems and is now going to put at jeopardy the results and profit figures claimed on the website

February results are available for inspection at and reflect a poor month.
Also, using “SP” as the odds is not an accurate reflection of prices as they appear on betfair

Sharps Gold is 6/1 with bookmakers so, as I said, backing on BEtfair represents extremely good value

It would seem, then, that the popularity and heavy marketing of the system may actually be its achilles heel.