It’s simple – if you want a high strike rate, then you must limit your bets to the best bets out there. So, what if we were to do this daily? Chose the one bet in a given day which has an outstanding chance of success. I’ll give you an example today – Tiger Woods in the first round of the matchplays is 1.24 to prevail against a golfert I have never heard of. A good bet? The best bet of the day? I’m not so sure.

In the football ,the Ivory Coast face Tanzania and are at home and 2/9. Corinthians are 1/5 at home .
Horse racing of course – you know by know – and will read in the blog today, my one da day which WILL be a place only selection (as it has the greatest chance of success)
So, on any given day we have potential NAPS -BEST BETS in whatever discipline. Now comes the part where we need to find potential faults with each bet.

Been off a long time, and has been beaten by relative unknowns in match play situations before. Will the usual circus that surrounds him be offputting OR spur on his opponent?
obviously without Drogba and maybe some other personnel who are playing in Europe for big clubs – Zakora, Kalou, Drogba, both Toure’s , Bakayoko all playing this week will limit the strength of the side, BUT how good are Tanzania?
Last time I saw Corinthians on BEtfair live video, they were 1/5 and won with absolute ease. At home again this evening, it should be another goal fest
See blog.  Key determinants – place only as we have a greater chance than just the win market

Of course with this method there will be short prices, but with near certainties ( and we must remember there is no such thing as a sure thing) comes a remarkable strike rate – for me personally, the strike rate since 1st November 21008 is 95%. The longest winning run is around 50 bets (most current run) and there have been multiple 20+ winning runs
Longest losing run has only ever been 1.
You know I talk about compopunding a lot – small stakes – small target profits and compounding daily, AS LONG AS THE WINNING RUNS REMAIN

BUT try LEVEL STAKES betting
TRY 10% OF A ROLLING BETTING BANK which enhances profits considerably
TRY even using the SAFEBETPLAN and set the curvature (another word for maximum expected losing run) to 2 – this will outperform level stakes
I personally, am using both the SAFEBETPLAN method and compounding to great current success.

by selecting THE ONE ROCK SOLID bet of the day, in WHATEVER DISCIPLINE can turn short prices into big ongoing returns, especially if staking in relation to an increased betting bank is employed.
Find weaknesses in all shortlisted selections by using research ( the internet makes this possible – for example, to view the personnel of Ivory Coast I go here

As this becomes a habit, it will reap rewards. I see this as an investment plan rather than straight betting. We are effectively using bookmaker odds to make our minds up for us.
You fancy Tiger strongly – then make that your one a day
You fancy Corinthians – well leave that as your one a day
You think Liverpool will find it difficult against Real MAdrid who are on fire, well then LAY LIVERPOOL to win your target profit per day. Remember laying at 3/1 is the same, (roughly speaking) of backing at 1/3

Do this day after day after day and you can really grow the ebtting bank
For instance ,level stakes are showing a 15 point profit ( and the fools who lost my savings plan money on the stock market would DIE for this kind of return)