A great example in doing your own research… - What Really Wins Money

This week I received an eletter espousing the huge profits of a certain tipster this week  but there were a couple of points I’d like you to pay attention to whenever you receive these emails espousing yet another ‘bookie basher’

This emailer recounting a £7K profit since May 1st.

What I would like you to ask when you see a figure like this is ….

  • £7K to what stakes size? This really is highly misleading. £7K to £10K stake size for instance is less impressive. What is the profit to more realistic stakes? We will never know.
  • ‘since May 1st’ Be very wary of ‘selective’ dating. Now I happen to know that this tipster being touted is a year-long tipster! So, why no mention of January 1st 2021 to 30th April 2021? I’ll tell you why, at least from the perspective of the main tipping service. A 69 point loss for that period.

Let’s return to those stakes used to tell us about £7K profit since May 2021. What would that 69 point loss look like with those inflated stake sizes used. One answer…..OUCH!!!

Now I actually really like this tipster. He is consistently profitable year-on-year.

He’s made 61 points profit on his main service since 1st May 2021 so has negated earlier losses and sees a net 7 point loss year-to-date. He tends to produce . He has another element to his service which has made a cool 157.62 points profit year-to-date. Why not mention that? An impressive profit year to date if both main and secondary services were combined.

Do please look out for clues that might suggest bad news is being hidden ( selective dating) and profits inflated ( huge claims without telling you about actual stake size)

Here endeth the lesson.