Thanks to Andrew David, fellow Wolves supporter, for his eletter last week. A very interesting take on football betting in play.

I would encourage you to look at inplay betting as a viable source for big odds backs and low odds lays.

I run a service called DRT. This stands for Delay, React, Trade and is very much along the lines of Andrew’s arguments last week.


I no longer bet pre-match, unless it is to back the 0-0, as 0-0 is at its highest odds pre-match.

I delay until a match goes in-play and then I can see whether the match will unfurl as per the season-long form, or whether one side is having a hiccup.


I react to events in-play. There are any number of triggers I look for, from a 0-0 at halftime, to a red card, to the underdog having the temerity to take the lead.


Or you can insert the words’ bet in-play’ if trading makes you squeamish. Here’s a simple recent example of my thinking.

Last night Udinese meet Juventus. Juventus are vying for the Italian Seria A title. It’s 1-1. The match is entering the 90th minute. Why not lay the draw? Juventus need a win and laying the draw will cover both teams.

2-1 it ends…………to Udinese! Laying the draw this late on is the same as backing a selection at 10/1! Nice!

If this type of betting interests you, take out a free trial at There’ still football to be played , and traded ( or bet inplay!).

Drop me a line too if you want a trial for an inplay stats feed which will bring football matches to life!

Have a great weekend, and thanks again Andrew! So near to a top 5 spot for the Wolves eh?