I stand here before you (well, sit actually) an injured soul…

There was I, trundling off to the shops on my scooter to get the 12 crates of iced coffee which would see me through my marathon DRT football research for this weekend, when all of a sudden, a sheep and a couple of his cronies decided to rush out in front of me.

Being a fully signed up member of PETA, I dutifully risked all to avoid the sheep and ended up with a motorbike on top of me.

I have a badly bruised knee and ligament damage, so have had to de-select myself from the Arsenal side to face Coventry in the FA Cup this week.

As well as falling foul of killer sheep this week, I’ve also been tackling an Internet which is about as effective as a new manager at Manchester United.

Hopefully we’ll be back in the swing of things for this weekend, so I have been assured, and it’ll be great to be back online doing live chats for DRT members. I did my first live chats last weekend, and must say that things went very well indeed on the Sunday.

Do get along to www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk if you want to see my research in retrospective. I am working through past days research which I review at the website. I hope it can serve as a learning tool for your football research, as well as a showcase to how often my method of footballing research is spot-on (and DRT members, of course, get said research daily).

The Australian Open ends this week, and as I write, Nadal and Federer are battling it out. I must admit, it will be nice to watch a woman’s final without the two When Harry Met Sally fake orgasm screamers Sharapova and Azarenka.

Last time those two met, they shattered my chandelier.

The timing of this tournament is not particularly UK friendly, but I do hope you gained some insight into how to trade, from the last two eletters. The French Open, and of course Wimbledon (strawberries and cream, only £99.95!), will be the perfect major tournaments to showcase tennis trading. I have plenty of great angles to share with you.

Testing, testing 1-2-3

I’m doing another shout out for testers for systems and tipsters. We have lots of systems and tipsters to test. I would be grateful for any candidates for systems in particular, as I cannot trial all these personally. They include software, and ebooks. So do email me at whatreallywins@yahoo.co.uk with ‘testers’ in the subject box if you are interested.


I was working on a jargon-buster in recent months: an A-Z of betting strategies and betting terminology. I will be sharing entries with you here in the eletter in the next few months, as well as posting a series at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk. What I’d like to do is to build this up into a nice collection you can refer to time and time again.

It will all begin with ‘A’ of course, and the first entry: ‘AVOIDING SHEEP’.

Before I go, I hope you What Really Wins Money readers have been following the each way selections at the website. You’ll recall my ‘each way probability’ theory. Well, it bagged a winner at odds of 19 yesterday. Happy days indeed!

I’m off now, a-hobbling, with a new found respect for ninja sheep. Have a great weekend, and DRT’ers, I’ll see you all this weekend for another profitable football trading session.