You’ll have received some details about a great discount for checking out my football trading service called

I do hope you check it out. We are a month into the new football season and form is starting to embed.League Football returns today and on into the weekend and there’s money to be made by betting in-play and trading in-play football matches.

I operate live chat webinars every Saturday and Sunday that there is League Football and these webinars are a great learning tool. There’s no theory here. I trade and bet in-play using my own cash, in real time, on real matches with real decisions needing to be made about entering and exiting my positions.

There’s nothing like seeing the real world application of strategies that on the paper are a little dry and lifeless.

I hope I’ll be welcoming one or two new members to these live chat webinars these weekend. They usually result in a session-end profit and a nice collection of ‘green screens’. These green screens are the Holy grail for traders of football.

Here’s an example of a Green Screen with modest staking. The screenshot is taken from Fairbot, which is software that makes trading on Betfair easier ( but is by no means a necessary purchase!). On the right side of the screen is my live chat webinar console. Yes, I made this profit infront of members’ eyes. And this kind of a green screen can be repeated .

For those who fancy a low-odds in-play bet, well I cater for you .

Below is a screenshot of a correct score I advised in another live chat webinar recently featuring the Young Boys of Bern. For £8, the profit was £145. Again,the whole bet and explanation placed infront of members’ eyes.

Again, you see my live chat webinar console on the right hand side of the screen.

If you have an interest in football, give a go ( DRT for short).

I hope you see you at a Live chat webinar soon!