Subscribers of What Really Wins Money are first in line when I get a ‘eureka’ betting moment. I jump out of the bath, run naked down the street, promptly get arrested for indecent exposure, then write an article about my new discovery.

As so it was with my unique and seemingly devastatingly effective take on each way betting. The reason I harp on about it in these here eletters is because you want to know what really wins money, don’t you?

Well, this does!

I alerted What Really Wins Money newsletter subscribers to my new each way breakthrough months before I shared it with yourselves in this eletter.

Those who followed my selections since April bagged multiple winners over 16/1 – up to a high of 141/1.

I’ve had a number of eureka moments since then, and the citations to prove it (maybe I should take a bath wearing my budgie smugglers?). I’ve had an amazing week again, supplying winner after winner for a band of shrewd newsletter readers who can follow my selections for free (and believe me, if I keep picking these big-priced winners day after day, this ain’t gonna be free for long!).

I’ve got a number of unique and potentially profitable betting ideas brimming in that empty space between my ears, ready to be unleashed upon lucky WRWM readers in the near future. I hope you’ll be first in line when I release my unique and profitable ideas!

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Let me give you a glimpse of another betting idea I have, and how it came about…

Creating value from short prices…

You’ll recall (if you’re a regular eletter reader) about a treble idea one clever reader kindly shared with us. I’ll recount it here…

Take three selections a day, at odds of 1.2, 1.25 and 1.33, and back them with stake+ winnings. If the three are successful, we’ll have ourselves an evens return. You are far more likely to pick three winners at very short odds than you are a single evens selection.

I call this idea ‘creating value from short prices’ and provide selection ideas (free again) at

One thing I have noticed, and with alarming regularity, is the number of odds-on shots who simply do not win.

Why only yesterday, 1.16-shot Carla Suarez Novarro lost (1.16 is decimal odds and a £100 bet at these odds returns and unprincely £16), followed swiftly by 1.1-shot Tommy Robredo (a £100 bet here would have returned just £10).

There are also certain horses at odds-on which seem vulnerable, and could be easy prey to layers (those who make money opposing events and outcomes rather than backing events and outcomes and hoping they win).

My contention is that there must be a way to make money daily by laying selected odds-on shots and stopping when you hit a winner (i.e. the horse/team loses – and in this case we win!). Your liability, the money at risk, is always going to be minimised in laying odds-on shots.

I would attack this strategy in the following manner…

  1. Make a list of odds-on shots each day and record the results.
  2. Note those markets where odds-on shots continue to lose (women’s tennis, for example, or set betting).
  3. At this time, look to win a specific target amount, with, say, a selection of four odds-on shots. Stop when you hit your target.

If you have your creative caps on, you can find odds-on shots who are most vulnerable in a wide variety of markets with the betting exchanges.

For example, odds-on shots in in-play races – particularly in-play Jumps races – are vulnerable, as they still may have fences to jump over, and one mistake can allow opponents in.

Try this out yourself this week, as a bit of homework. I already list a number of odds-on shots at under the post ‘creating value from short-priced selections’ for What Really Wins Money subscribers.

If you are a What Really Wins Money member, please do take a look at these each way selections, provided for you at most days (maybe not this weekend, as I have to travel, but I will try my best).

They are banging in the big-priced winning and placed horses with great regularity as I write, and followers are purring!

I’m off now to note an odds-on shot or two: why don’t you too?

Have a great weekend.