My hideous Christmas jumper has been worn and is now hidden away for another year. (If my Gran asks, it is a lovely jumper, gottit?)

And it’s a Happy New Year to you all!

If you are a What Really Wins Money member, I will be updating you at, firstly on the performance of my ‘Home-Grown’ Betting Systems throughout 2014, as soon as I put down the sherry and the mince pies.

I think readers will be pleasantly surprised as to the performance, indeed profitable performance of these betting systems, whose characteristics (I insist upon) are:

  • An ability to use without any knowledge of horse racing.
  • An ability to use without any recourse to the form book, or burning the midnight oil with form study.

And, well, that’s it really!

I make my ‘Home-Grown’ ideas as easy to implement as possible. I have plenty of new ideas for 2015 and am also looking towards a number of football betting strategies which I hope to make ‘bet and go’, just like the ‘Home-Grown’ horse racing systems.

I’ll be trying a few of these football ideas with you in the coming weeks, here in the What Really Wins Money e-letter.

Talking about the football, having looked at the football results yesterday, I can only conclude that some of the Premiership teams have collectively been on the sherry. Liverpool lost a 2-0 lead, as did Manchester City until they reclaimed the win. And what about Spurs and Chelsea’s eight-goal thriller?

The Liverpool and Manchester City matches formed part of my ‘Banker Bet’ footballing idea I have shared with you in eletters past, and share with What Really Wins Money readers for free at

This banker idea has legs! The strike-rate is amazing, if you do one little thing: to ‘trade out’ if a team takes a 2-0 lead. It would have saved a lost stake once Liverpool went 2-0 up yesterday (promptly blowing it!) and indeed when Manchester City were clawed back to 2-2 from 2-0 up (but on this occasion they won 3-2).

What’s up this year?

Pre-Christmas I mentioned that I would take you through some simple steps for how to lay horses. I will begin that next week and also try to fill this year’s e-letters with mini ‘courses’ on all aspects of sports betting. These ideas I hope you’ll be able to implement directly.

I’ll also be including updates this year on some of the newest betting systems and strategies on the market, and whether they have any merit; and I will occasionally be offering some of my own tips for you for the weekend. Here’s my first tip: tell your girlfriend that her bum does not look big in this!

Welcome to 2015. If you want anything betting-related specifically covered in these eletters, then please email me at

And What Really Wins Money newsletter readers, please do make use of There’s some cracking betting systems, Gromit, and tips for you to follow.