“Bonjour Rodders!” The French Open Tennis begins next week. Are you familiar with how to profit from tennis? I do offer a tennis trading service for members of www.drt.club but have shared with you plenty of tennis tips and tricks in e-letters past.

I’ll give you a tip today of a simplistic way to profit from the tennis. I go into greater detail at www.drt.club.

Try this one out this week (and I hinted at it in the last e-letter)… Look for over-reactions.

What we need for this is a short-odds favourite. I use the coupon at www.betfair.com for my tennis as it allows me to back and lay.

The next thing we need is a monstrous over-reaction to the favourite maybe losing an early game. Here’s an example.

Here is the Betfair graph for ladies player Peng. Far left you see her opening odds: 1.25. She’s short odds and she’s fancied. As the match progresses she finds herself in a battle. Her odds reach 2.1. The first set is not even over.

Let’s see how her odds progress after we have been tempted in by the 2.1 odds. (For a 1.25 shot, and still in the first set – yes please!)

I have circled the 2.1 from the first graph where we backed Peng at those enticing odds. The fight back begins. The odds reduce. You can now ‘cash out’ for a profit.

It should be good old fashioned buy low and sell high, but in the trading world we call that lay-to-back trading. In this instance we buy at high odds, and sell at lower odds (lay-to-back trading).

Here are some resources for you next week. I would recommend tennis as it is a year-long sport and once you learn how to trade, and research, the skills are with you.

It is also mano-v-mano (or womano-v-womano, of course) so there are only two outcomes possible.

www.rolandgarros.com Get to know the tournament’s website. It will provide accurate scores too and audio commentary for some matches.

www.matchstat.com A great website for very simple research (I do full research at www.drt.club).

www.betfair.com or a betting exchange.

I prefer tennis trading to tennis betting. You can do the latter if you want. Using the above technique, you backed a 1.25 shot (expected to win) at 2.1! Value in some people’s eyes!

Happy trading if you get involved.

Better systems?

I’m old school. I get a horse racing betting idea. Note the selections, then note the results perhaps to Betfair SP or even the Place odds. Then I input into my staking software, do some data mining and hopefully come up with a profitable system.

I am catapulting myself into the world of horse racing system builder software this week, having taken a trial out on a prominent bit of kit. I’ll let you know how I get on. If you have any horse racing ideas, then let me know.

Something like ‘how do favourites in 5-furlong handicaps get on?’ or ‘how do second-favourites fair when the favourite is an odds-on favourite?’

Email me if you have an idea. If I can put it through the software then I will!