In a recent eletter I showed you the Challenge Table. In this video I want to show you how to research more comprehensively using 3 key websites.

Do have in mind a potential bet which fits in with your research. Which markets fit in with your research conclusions?

  • Neutral bet? I.e. both teams to score ; goals bets
  • Team bet. Nail your flag to the mast. Does one team stand out…..or does the draw stand out?
  • An inplay bet. As Ray ‘shut it ‘ Winstone has amply showed in his adverts, inplay betting is growing in football, and there are some elements of your research which could fit in with an inplay betting play ( sides scoring first but have not won all season could be ripe for opposing inplay if leading – see Levante ; lay the 2nd half draw
  • Niches . Are there any niche markets which stand out?

Take a look at the accompanying video.

Oh, and remember one more thing. Not every match you research is a good candidate for playing. ( if you want me to research daily for you, check out

More gee gees please!

Andrew David, like all Wolves supporters, is highly intelligent and a hit with the Ladies!. He also has the knack for coming up with some great month-on-month profit makers. is his new win and place horse racing system. Well worth checking out. It is a derivative of each way betting which is the bet the bookies hate because it puts the odds in your favour.