Here’s a look, this week, at a great way to spot horses which are either gambled on by the stable/connections, or in whom the bookies have some insider info.

The bookmakers are a canny bunch. Information is their King, particularly where horse racing is concerned.

I have shared with you the 16/1 system recently which is one method of uncovering horses who are quietly fancied by the bookmakers. The surrepticiously shorten the price of horses they are scared of, without necessarily alerting the Punter! Quite a feat.

The 16/1 system can unlock the code, as can the Sporting Life Pattern Makers.

There are several signals to look out for with the Sporting Life Pattern Makers. In this article I’ll share one signal with you.

I call it the Sandwich Signal ( hmmm, delicious!)

Go to

Click on Race Cards. This Sandwich Signal is to be used only for the UK and Irish Racing.

Click on the next race. We are only focussing on 8+ runner races.

You have 3 options, Race card, Live Show and Result.

Click on Live Show (arrowed below)

We look at the Live Show in the 5 minutes prior to race time.

You will see odds movements like the ones below:

Why did I describe this signal as a ‘Sandwich Signal’? And is there any pattern above which resembles a sandwich?

Look at horses numbered 10 – 9 – 3

Search for Thestar is ‘sandwiched’ between 2 other horses whose odds are fluctuating, but what about Search for Thestar? No movement at all.

This is a good signal from the bookmakers that the horse might be quietly fancied. It’s their code.

How did the horse run?

Get out the party poppers. 4th place. A solid performance by a 16/1 shot in what was a relatively tight finish. Coincidence? I’m not so sure. I would recommend each-way betting with these selections and , had Search for thestars just nudged into 3rd, that would have paid out 9/2!!

You make the selection, now you can crack the code.

Who did you pick?


A wise choice, Sir/Madam. A wise choice indeed.

Let’s look at the final result

I don’t mind saying, but that was a kick in the vernaculars! A head 2nd at 25/1!

Remembering that we back each-way, the scant consolation is a 5/1 return for placing.

Oh, go on then. One more example from this 2022

You pick the horse. Back him each way, and check out the result

A touch of seconditis in this article. Bang in contention and returning a profit for each-way bettors.


The Sandwich signal ( hmmm, delicious) can be applied to flat and jumps racing. 8+ runners.

A large number of selections will not place but stick with it. We will get another Collaborating, only next time with an extendible neck!