As I promised you last week, here I share a horse racing strategy which has made 120 points profit up to the 3rd December this year. I do share it with a wealth warning: that performance was not replicated in 2016.

It may, though, give you some ideas of your own about creating your own horse racing strategy based on freely-available information.

Here’s an example of the selection methodology.

We are at the race cards at here. I have chosen to view the race cards ‘at-a-glance’.

The focus for this strategy is the OR, TS, and RPR ratings on the right-hand side.

A qualifier for this strategy is any horse who is top- or equally-top-rated in each column. So in the above example, albeit a two-horse race, Chirico Vallis is top-rated OR, top-rated TS, and top-rated RPR.

And that’s it. Like pretty much all of my horse racing strategies, there is absolutely no form analysis required whatsoever.

I hope you see the logic behind the idea? If a horse is top-rated on Official Ratings, top-rated on Top Speed and top-rated with the Racing Post’s own ratings, it must have some ability?

With a 37% strike rate currently, expect a fair amount of losers – losers which have been punctuated recently by wins at odds of 28/1, 15/1 and 12/1/.

The longest losing sequence has been 14 bets.

A whopping 90 points profit was made backing only selections at odds of 10 decimal Betfair SP or higher. The longest losing sequence here was 34, but there were only 134 bets this year.

I did suggest that you use the freely available information out there on the internet, from race cards such as those found at, and, to come up with ideas of your own.

If you have any ideas, I would be happy to keep track of selections and crunch the numbers using my staking software.

I have many more betting ideas like these at

Will this three-ratings strategy profit for 2018? I hope so.

Have a great weekend!