This week I return to words, after a few weeks of a video eletter. Did you like the video eletter? Let me know.

It was great to see the German Bundesliga return last weekend. Over at we had a very successful live chat webinar, making a solid profit for the session.


We have a number of countries stretching their legs in friendlies today. From Serbia , to Croatia, to Sweden and Denmark It all augurs well.

1st June looks like the date penciled  in for the return of the UK and Irish Racing and Greyhound racing.

In the meantime, for members of What Really Wins Money, I’ve been looking at other-than-horse-racing et al betting opportunities such as blackjack and binary options.

I did manage to turn £20 into £227 using 10p and 20p stakes with online blackjack. I am worried , though, about playing against a computer. Yesterday saw a run of 10 consecutive losing hands!

I hope next week that we’ll be 3 days from Uk horse racing’s return. In the meantime, have a great week.