No research today. I don’t think I have the time with the newsletter due tomorrow.

Highlights yesterday? For me PSV 0-2 down at halftime was a gift from the Gods. I got on at 2.2 at halftime and PSV went on to win 3-2. 2.2 for a 1.09 shot. I’m backing all day. Alas the enhanced bet on Arsenal did not come off. oh how they need a RVP. Giroud is doing nothing, and they are toothless without Walcott.

You could have got whopping odds about a City win yesterday, and watching the match, they were the better team with the better players even down to 10. It is matches like these where you make a mint.

For the more speculative, 0-0 lays in the Swansea Wigan match and West Ham v Saints matches represented 2nd half value. I mean a 0-0 in a Saints game. What next? Boris Johnson Mayor of London?

We have a north east derby and QPR v Everton, where I believe Everton are not even favourite. hmmm! For me, Everton are solid.

Ath Madrid are playing away later and over evens and could represent value ( without research)

I hope you can find something today. Sorry I cannot research today.  If you want to research then and are the 2 sites.