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About Beat the Favourite:

Beat the Favourite is a horse racing tipping service from professional tipster Pete Thompson, the man behind the well regarded Each Way Tips service. Beat the Favourite focuses on overlooked horses at decent odds prices that can often take on the favourite and win.

It was first launched in November 2021, so is quite new, but the claims of making up to £4,580 in a month, a 38.9% strike-rate and 18.3 points profit certainly piqued our interest.

The origin of the service lies in the realisation that you’ll never profit from solely betting on the favourites: the bookies set the odds too low for you to make a decent profit – betting on short priced horses is an extremely difficult way to make big profits.

This is coupled with the fact that favourites only won 34% of all races over the last 20 years.  This leaves 66% (the majority) of all races in which the favourite will lose. Here, so claims Pete, is where the Beat the Favourite system can work.

With Beat the Favourite you will never bet on favourites. Instead the system focuses on each-way bets to take on the favourite. This keeps losing runs to a minimum and can vastly improves the strike rate.

There are three rules:

  • never bet on the favourite;
  • beat the odds;
  • bet cautiously.

My 30-Day Review:

Our trialist undertook the Beat the Favourite system from 25th June to 3rd September 2022. The almost-daily emails are easy to digest and matching the odds was rarely an issue. It only took a few minutes to implement.

In that time there were 88 bets, of which 54 were losing bets, with the rest winning or placing. The longest losing run was 7. The trial was often in profit, but not the whole time, and ultimately the trial period ended at 12.62 points down.

However, Pete Thompson is transparent with his results, and the published results do indeed show a consistent profit over time, and a good overall profit since the inception of the service, as per the following:

There were also some days with big profits, such as a 17-point profit on the last day, so there are some good value bets to be had.

The Results:

Please click here for a detailed results table.

And please click here to see the full published table of results since the birth of the service in November 2021.

Overall Summary:

It’s unfortunate timing that our trial results weren’t the best, but they were good enough for us to keep a further eye on the service, and the past history is certainly impressive. The idea behind the system is certainly credible, so hopefully the system can be further honed in time.

Check out Beat the Favourite here.

There’s also currently a limited offer with 55% off, which ends at midnight on the 30th September 2022.

Current Rating:

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