Cricket Betting Tipster Review

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About Cricket Betting Tipster:

Pankaj, the tipster behind the service admits that cricket betting might be seen as a bit niche for some people, but making money from cricket betting doesn’t have to be.

He’s not a high volume tipster; he’s very much a low-risk / low-reward kind of guy, but that could mean regular winning bets. The bets tend to be straight win bets on one team. On occasion two bets are put into a double.

Active since March 2018, he reports a profit of £4,215.42, and is the lowest price, most affordable tipster on the Betting Gods platform at £7 per month.

Tips are sent out at 8.30am (± 1hr) every day. You’ll be notified if there are no tips too. Pankaj sends 30 tips per month on average. These will NOT be evenly spread through the month.

Based on every selection sent since March 2018, Pankaj sends tips with average odds of 6.26. When following Pankaj’s service, it is advised that you have in place a 75pt starting bank.

My Review:

I have to admit I am not a massive cricket fan but that’s by the by, the important question is whether there is there money to be made.

By October 2020, there were 23.48 points profit 2020 year-to-date for Cricket Betting Tipster.

The bank was last at this level way back in October 2018, which might suggest an underlying current of stagnancy, rather than the momentum you would see from an ever-increasing betting bank.

By year-end 2020, there were 26.72 points profit. By the end of April 2021, it was at a 3-point profit year-to-date.

Overall Summary:

3-points profit is a profit for this cricket tipster from The year 2020 ended with profit too. And at £7 per month, it’s a cheap outlay. I’ll continue to monitor.

You can get a risk-free trial on Cricket Betting Tipster here

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