Football Form Labs Review

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About Football Form Labs:

Football Form Labs is a football stats and query service , providing comprehensive stats for all of the major world wide football leagues.

My Review:

I took a trial out for Form Lab Max offer. There are 2 choices, these are:

1. Form Lab Max
2. Form Lab black. Form Lab Black provides inplay stats and data on a minute by minute basis. This option also provides player analysis.

So what do I get for my £20 per month Form Lab Max ( £50 per quarter and £150 per year?)

I didn’t use the forum. It does not seem to be very busy.

The first feature I used was Game Notes which I thought were excellent.

The Game Notes are split into 2:

> Leagues
> Markets

Click on the country of choice and you will see a synopsis for each match in that league.

These synopses are the ones found in the Markets section but the Market section filters matches by

> Match Outcome – here’s an example ‘ Jonkopings have won 9/11 home matches and they have scored first in 8/11 home matches against bottom-six teams. There have been -2.5 goals in 6/9 Akropolis away matches against top-half teams.’

> Asian Handicap – ‘FF Jaro have won by two or more goals in 7/11 home matches against bottom-six teams and they have won the first half in 10/13 such matches. There have been +3.5 goals in 8/11 IF Gnistan away matches.’

> 1st half outcome – ‘Kitakyushu have drawn the first half in 8/10 home matches while there have been -2.5 goals in 7/10 Jubilo Iwata away matches. Jubilo Iwata have drawn the first half in 10/18 away matches.’

> 1st goal – ‘Adelaide Utd have scored first in 6/8 home matches against middle-third teams while W Sydney have conceded first in 7/11 away matches. W Sydney have drawn the first half in 6/8 away matches against top-half teams.’

> -1.5 goals ( under 1.5 goals) – ‘There have been -1.5 goals in 11/20 Fagiano Okayama home matches while Tokyo Verdy have drawn the first half in 10/20 away matches. There have been -2.5 goals in 8/11 Fagiano Okayama home matches.’

> -2.5 goals ( under 2.5 goals) – ‘There have been -2.5 goals in 8/10 Ventforet home matches against top-six teams while Niigata have drawn the first half in 7/11 away matches. Ventforet have drawn the first half in 10/15 home matches against top-six teams.’

> +2.5 goals ( over 2.5 goals) – ‘There have been +2.5 goals in 12/20 IK Brage home matches and in 12/19 AFC United away matches. AFC United have lost 12/19 away matches.’

> +3.5 goals ( over 3.5 goals) – ‘There have been +3.5 goals in 10/12 Palestino home matches and +2.5 goals in 9/13 Uni de Chile away matches against bottom-six teams. Uni de Chile have drawn the first half in 12/14 away matches.’

Short synopses with the stats to back up the potential plays.

One note of caution here. Be wary of new seasons. These stats angles can overlap from the previous season so may not be valid at the start of a new season.

The next feature for Form Lab Max is the ‘Match Data’ section.

One key feature of this Match Data section is its Form Tables, where you can check form for the league , not just in the usual format (best performer first, worst performer last) but in formats such as

> Last 5 games
> V top 6 or v bottom 6
> V promoted
> Profitability ( an excellent tool to show you the sides who are the punter’s friends) – you can check performance when teams are favourite/not favourite ;odds on or odds against,
> First half
> Team goals
> Score first
> Corners

And other formats.

There is a key indicator section which, for the specific match you are checking out, shows a teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

The bars show you the strength of each team. For example, dark pint Kristianstud are ranked 4th for performance in the first half.
Their opponents odds are poor with corners – 14th ranked.

The Pre-Match query section is next and allows you to look in depth at the 2 teams playing each other.

I like to use this facility when a team has a new manager.

You can look at the stats for this season, or under the current manager, or for seasons past.

You can isolate home form for the home side, and away form for the away side.

Another feature I like is performance v a team in a certain part of the league.

For example if a top 6 team at home is playing a bottom 6 side away, we can look specifically at that home team’s performance v strugglers.

Here’s one such example of Kristiansund, a top 6 side’s performance v Odds, a bottom 6 side.

Do you see any patterns you can exploit?

I see 4 wins in 5 matches for Kristiansund v the bottom 6. I see 5 consecutive under 1.5 goals matches at halftime.

Overall Summary:

Football Form Labs could benefit from providing us with a profit/loss for their game notes. It would be an excellent addition to the service. This does not exist at the moment so we cannot be sure how profitable, in the real world, their game note synopses are.

Overall this is a comprehensive footballing tool to aid your betting. Football Form Lab Max was my choice and at £20 per month, offered extremely good value for money.

You can get a risk-free trial on Football Form Labs here

IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter the promo code: DRTFOOTBALL

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