Premier Greyhound Tips Review

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About Premier Greyhound Tips:

About a year ago I read a few rave reviews for a greyhound racing tipster service called Premier Greyhound Tips. It comes from the Betting Gods stable, where they invite you to ‘discover the tipster who has made £28,832.25 profit betting on greyhound racing’.

It was launched way back in 2014, and the results have been proofed and published at Betting Gods every month since. They claim an average monthly profit of £303.50. Needless to say, our interest was piqued and this last couple of months has seen us trialling the service.

Every month, Michael (the greyhound racing tipster) sends an average of 36 tips to his members via email, on the Betting Gods members area and free mobile app.

My Review:

One particular review from September 2021 enjoyed banking a massive £647.40 in one month. The two months following ended with a loss, which gives you some idea of the potential volatility of the service – however the reviewer was still way up at the end of the trial thanks to that one month’s stupendous result.

The first few weeks of our trial, in contrast, was much more pedestrian, and ended in a small profit.

Tips are meant to be sent at 2.00 pm (UK time), Monday to Sunday. There were quit ea few non-tip days in our trial, of which we were notified. Average odds are at 5.73, based on every selection sent on the service since October 2014.

One thing that happened almost all the time was that the odds we got (which were placed fairly quickly), were lower than those advertised in the tips emails. As a result our actual profit was lower than the published profit in the proofing.

All bets are backed with detailed reasoning and explanation: it was always clear what you’re backing, how much to stake, and why you’re doing it. Very user-friendly.

The Results:

Our starting bank was 150pts. There was a total of 44 selections: 10 winning; 34 losing. The longest losing streak was 8, and the longest winning streak was 5. The best win was at odds of 11/4. Our bank ended at 164.5pts, so a profit of 14.5pts so far.

To see the proofed results at Betting Gods, please click here. This suggests that this service has enjoyed success previously, and we shall keep monitoring it. It’s not a bad start and we have hope for future successes.

You can try Premier Greyhound Tips here.

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