About The Racing Pundit:

Fresh from the Betting Gods stable is Ehsan – the pundit behind The Racing Pundit, who’s reportedly made £1,571.40 profit since November 2021…

Ehsan is one of 18 Betting Gods tipsters. His tips were proofed for 18 weeks prior to joining their roster. Per their website the service retails at £55 for 3 months – however if you wait a few seconds after landing on the subscription page you’ll be offered the initial 3 months for £44 (rebills at £110 thereafter; or 1 month for £20, rebilling at £37 thereafter).

It’s a horse racing tipping service that relies on £10 staking, so no hugely-inflated stakes here, with obtainable odds and a stated ability to profit at Betfair SP. Below are the stats at the time of writing (late May 2022)…

Ehsan sends around 140 tips per month, with average odds of 9.33, and a win rate of 35.92% since launching in November 2021.

The Racing Pundit bank has grown 209.52% since November 2021, with only one losing month, which (sadly) corresponded with our 60-day initial trial…

My Review:

We began with an advised starting bank of 75 points, based on the longest drawdown supposedly being 36.94 points, which we assume must have happened during the proofing, as we can see no such run of losses occurring on the published results.

During the trial the longest losing run/drawdown we experienced was 18 so the bank was never in any danger. It also appears 0.5 points are now the norm for each way bets where in the early days they varied between 0.5 and 2 points each way. Win bets were always 1 point recommended too.

All tips are emailed around 9.30 a.m. They advise it can be 60 minutes either side but we typically found them to be in the mailbox by 9.30, averaging 6-7 bets per day. The odds advised are generally available at the time they’re given however the SP can vary from advised odds tremendously. That said we only found an unfavourable difference of 0.1 between advised odds and SP when averaged out over all bets advised, i.e. if you can’t place bets at the time they’re advised you’ll win some and lose some re returns.

There have been times the advice wasn’t received by 9.30 am, due to technical glitches etc, but on the very rare occasion these occurred an email apology was offered advising when they expected the days tips to be advised. We only had occasion to contact them once with a question which was responded to same day with the help required.

The Results:

Over 60 days there were 122 Win selections and 282 Each Way at odds averaging 9.4, returning 9.9 points. The Each Way bets were by far the most profitable, returning 31.67 points, including 66/1 and 25/1 winners. The Win bets currently seem to be a drain on the service, losing 21.77 points during the 60-day review period.

Overall whilst a profit is a profit, 9.9 points can be deemed a poor return when measured alongside the spectacular returns enjoyed the days prior to this review starting. Excluding the subscription cost, whilst an ROI of 2.45% doesn’t sound much, it’s still way more in 60 days than your money would earn sitting in a current account. That saw the bank grow 13.2% in that time.

Based on our returns you’d have to be betting around £3 per point to break even, i.e. cover the discounted subs, double that for the ROI/bank growth. Slightly more than double again obviously when the subs increase to £110 per quarter. At those levels that would mean a bank of £450 at the discounted rate and £1125 at full price. As long as you have that immediately available, the money required to cover 6-7 bets per day on average shouldn’t be an issue. To obtain these returns and cover your subscriptions at the full rate would require around a £15 stake per bet.

Overall Summary:

If Ehsan can return to the heady heights of his earlier results this would be worth an investment. Even if he only maintains the very modest levels of the last 60 days, at the staking amounts mentioned you’d still be covering your subs and almost doubling your bank each year.

Like everything, past performance is no guarantee of future results. The modest returns this past 60 days would be a concern for me personally, but at less than the cost of a daily newspaper for your initial 90 day subscription I’d be inclined to speculate to accumulate. This also takes into consideration the bank’s never been at risk in the time since the service started, some 6-7 months ago.

You can try The Racing Pundit here.

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