What I try to do in this blog is sniff out all possible opportunities in a given day and then look for “THE ONE” which I feel has he greatest chance of coming off to keep the record going.
Here England U19 v Scotland U19 and laying the scots with £100 fixed liability produces a £14 profit ( the equivalent of BACKING a 1.14 shot isn’t it?) -as I did with Atalanta yesterday.
Of course under 19’s football can be unpredictable but it is hoped that the bookies have chalked up England accurately and home advantage will ensure they DON’T LOSE. Trading is available with this game which means, like Atalanta, if England score first ,the odds for Scotland are likely to be about 20.

The first race I will discount although i should involve Yeadon and the market leader. I am not taken by the apparent lack of confidence in the live market with Yeadon.
340 NAAS inxile is 1.22 to place in an illiquid market. It is the price gap here which entices me -it is very pronounced. I would seem that the horse is less than straightforward and ideally when we bet at such short prices, we really want everything to be sound. POSITIVES? The Nicholls partnership on the flat can be trusted. Solid 5 furlong form for the fav.
NEGATIVES? I’ve said it before – Ireland is he graveyard for odds on jollies. We have the likes of Eyebrows Kinane and Wachman/Lordan against us

415 CARLISLE – Impressible is 1.25 to place which is enticing given the 2nd fav is a non runner, we are lft with a 5 runner field and 2 horses are 14/1 and 20/1

500 LEIC – Perfect friend at 1.33 looks tasty enough but is no Cwm Rhondda so not striclty a price gapper in a lowly handicap. Wha is of interest is that the horse is running of the same mark as recent enouraging runs.

610 THIRSK – Anjomarba is 1.1 to place in a 2 year old seller , the job made easier by the defection of the fav, but I doubt this will be a one a day selection given the nature of the race and the price

755 WINDSOR – J J the Jet plane 1.24 to place – one of the horses the media has been highlighting (hence why I call them talking horses) Only 2 places but if the hype is to be believed this one should place at least ( with only 4 horses to beat to place, one of which is at 20/1)

ENGLAND MATCH – 1.14 equivalent bet looks reasonable against the Jocks. –

A lo f superb listed races today and I have said it before, all horses i n listed races must be there because they are good!
415 CARLISLE – Impressible I think will be my one a day with the absence of the 2nd fav.I hate doing 2 places only especially in handicaps but this is now a 5 runner race with 2 at 12/1 and 20/1.